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New Nation News presents: Reparations and Taxes:
Did Germany and Japan really win WWII? 
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Did Germany and Japan really win WWII?
Sunday Supplement Special Focus Series on *Reparation$ for:
1. US Soldiers that were Japanese Prisoners of War in the Pacific during WWII,

2. Descendants of African Slaves in the USA prior to 1865,

3. and mostly European-American Tax Slaves since at least 1903.

*1. "Reparations" - Benefits given to some group to make amends for damage done by previous injustice. For example, Japanese-Americans who were placed in internment camps during the World War II were recently given a monetary payment (of about $20,000) as reparations. [that is the 'cover story' - see my theory under Reparations #3]

*2. "Reparations" - payments demanded of the losers in a war by the victors
as compensation for damage suffered, usually to civilians and property. For example, heavy reparations were exacted by Britain, France, and the U.S. from Germany after World War I 
which some say was a factor leading to WWII.

*3. "Reparations" - I always had this hunch that Germany, Italy and Japan really won WWII and that is why we had to pay "REPARATIONS" [#2] that were sold to the generous, kind-hearted and retarded American Public as the "Marshall Plan", and why we had to totally rebuild the Japanese industrial base after we 'won' the war. Also, why all major US heavy industrial manufacturing was taken over by the Germans and the Japanese - shortly after we paid to rebuild all their factories so that they were more modern and efficient than ours.

    Diabolical and treacherous Germany actually dropped the two bombs {affectionately called 'Kleiner Junge und Fetter Mann' - little boy and fat man'} on Japan to 'send a message' to both Stalin and the USA... and to warn their Asian Allies who was in charge - but mostly to show what would happen if the US did not come through with those 'reparations'...    the first bomb the Germans dropped on the US in the Alamagordo New Mexico desert was just a 'civilized' warning... 

    Truman didn't think they had another one until the device brought in by a U-boat wiped out the Port Chicago Naval Munitions Depot in the San Francisco Bay Area - [Editors note: Of the 320 men killed in the explosion, 202 were the African-American enlisted men who were assigned the dangerous duty of loading the ships. The explosion at Port Chicago accounted for fifteen percent of all African-American casualties of World War II.]

    Truman was starting to get a little concerned - but ordered observer planes over Japan to make sure Hitler was not bluffing - when General 'Enola Gay' Paul Tibbets {don't ask...} brought back the color footage of Hiroshima... he stayed up until 4am playing Gershwin on the White House piano... in a desperate attempt to reach the spirit of FDR for advice....  after all, he said to his colored butler  "When I played this, Stalin signed the Potsdam Agreement."

  Secretary of State, Byrnes finally had Truman taken to Bethesda Naval Hospital after he gave his little-known 'we will fight in the streets' speech - then Byrnes and the Joint Chiefs of Staff arranged the terms of surrender and the terms for reparations. Which included the details of the plan for the massive deception of the American people into thinking that they had 'won the war'.  This may also explain why for the last 50 years, Hollywood has been cranking out movies that glorify the Third Reich.

       Likewise, why is the US taxpayer paying so much in 'reparations' [#2] to various minorities? Obviously because we 'lost the war' during the 1960's when just about every major metropolitan center in the United States was either burning or under that threat....

    There was another war that American lost in the Sixties that led to the country being occupied by foreigners - even though they are still called 'illegal aliens' and 'undocumented workers' - why is there only a token show for the public of apprehending and deporting them?  Well, based on the reality of the situation, a coalition of Mexico, Puerto Rico and Nigeria supported by the Red Chinese Opium Faction under Mao (remember 'let a hundred flowers bloom?) and the Nippon Mitsubishi Yakusawa Trust presented the US government with an 'offer they couldn't refuse' - perhaps a threat of biological warfare or total economic collapse if the US did not go along as there were deep-cover agents working out of Chinese restaurants in every major city, from Seattle to Savannah not to mention Hope, Arkansas that had all received their coded orders in fortune cookies. 

    So there we have it.  The US lost three major wars since 1945 and we are still paying 'reparations' to the Victors; although the Tax-Paying Public is none the wiser...

   Wait, I forgot about those billions of dollars in US Free Market economic support for Russia that were 'lost' at the airport in London (or somewhere) - now even I do not yet have a theory for that but we can safely assume that there must have been a FOURTH war that the US lost to the USSR and those were part of the 'reparations'... maybe it was an installment payment to the Kremlin as part of the Kennedy-Castro-Kruschev Cuban Missile Crisis... I guess we must have lost that one too....   too bad. 

    Well now you understand why more than half of your income goes to TAXES.

    OK, let me just give you one more definition - just in case you were following too closely:
SAT'IRE - Irony, sarcasm, or derisive wit used to attack or expose vice, folly, or stupidity.
{not to be confused with} 
SA'TYR [l. satyrus; Gr. a monkey, a fawn.] 
In mythology, a sylvan deity or demi-god, represented as a monster, half man and half goat.
In poletics, what we have in the White House who suffers from
SATYRI'ASIS - to have an Immoderate venereal appetite. 

Have a nice day, Tax Slave Have a nice day.  Don't forget to pay your fair share of the "reparations".
 - by Whitebear [Guest columnist - exclusive to New Nation News]

 © 1999 New Nation News 

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