New Nation News: Should Afro-amerians get reparations today for slavery prior to 1865? 
Poll #3: Question: Should US Afro-Americans get reparations for slavery?
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slavesPart of a Special Focus Series on Reparations for

US Pacific Prisoners of War, 
Descendants of African Slaves in the USA,

and mostly European-American Tax Slaves since 1903.

Ref: Complete text of the African Slave Reparations bill on-line at Aryan Kindred

Africans angry at refusal to debate slavery reparations

Herbert LuskFrom website "NEGRO HALL OF SHAME"
Reverend William L. Blanks enters the Hall of Shame of his own volition due to his anti-African stance on Reparations. Welcome into the Hall of Shame Reverend Blanks; we're sure you'll feel right at home among your brethren Reverend Jesse Lee Peterson, Reverend Vernel Sims, and Reverend Herb Lusk.
Ref: Authorities: Reverend Herb Lusk Wanted Witnesses 'Taken Out'
Reverend Allegedly Offered $30,000 For Murder Contracts

  • African Migrant Enslavement and rape trial nears finish
    Cameroon teen-ager accuses Farmington Hills pair of abuse FARMINGTON HILLS -- After listening to nearly three weeks of testimony on allegations of rape, enslavement and child abuse, an Oakland County jury is expected to begin deliberations today in a case that could put a Farmington Hills couple in prison for life. Defense attorneys for Joseph and Evelyn Djoumessi, who are charged with nine counts of kidnapping, conspiring to kidnap and child abuse
  • Michigan: African migrant couple charged with child slavery and child rape
    A 14-year-old girl traveled to the United States from her native Cameroon in 1996 to live with a couple in hopes of education and a better life, but prosecutors say the girl's trip to Michigan turned into a nightmare.
    There was no school and no opportunity, only years of involuntary servitude, occasional beatings and even sexual assault, they said.
    The couple accused of mistreating the girl, Joseph and Evelyn Djoumessi, were to go on trial in Oakland County Circuit Court on felony charges. Jury selection was set to begin Friday. Joseph Djoumessi, 44, is charged with kidnapping, conspiracy to kidnap, two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, third-degree criminal sexual conduct and child abuse. His wife, 36, is charged with kidnapping and conspiracy to kidnap.
  • Joseph Djoumessi and Evelyn Neba came to the United States from Cameroon in 1986
    on immigration visas.
  • Senegal's Wade Says Slavery Reparations 'Absurd'
    DAKAR (Reuters) - Senegal's President Abdoulaye Wade on Saturday stepped into a diplomatic row ahead of a United Nations conference on racism, saying the idea of reparations for the African slave trade was absurd. He noted there were African peoples who had sold slaves. ``Should they also pay up?'' he asked. ``Some of us have forbears who may not have sold slaves, but had slaves in their armies. I am talking about my own ancestors, who had 10,000 soldiers at that time, of which two thirds were slaves.'' (reader link)
  • Conference to discuss reparations for slavery (reader)
    The issue of reparations for slavery will be on the agenda of the UN World Conference Against Racism at the end of this month, the conference's host nation, South Africa, said on Monday.
  • Culture Briefs: (reader link)
    Excerpts and quotes from the cultural war of words in publications around the nation.
    Reparations nightmare
    "How big a reparations check should Tiger Woods get?
    "Applauded as one of America's most prominent black athletes, the champion golfer actually is only part black. He coined the word 'Cablinasian' to reflect his Caucasian, black, American Indian and Thai heritage.
    "As someone who is 25 percent black, Woods arguably deserves — at most — one quarter of any sum Washington might deem sufficient to compensate a typical black American for the allegedly lingering effects of slavery. ...

  • Ref: ARAB MASTERS—BLACK SLAVES by Samuel Cotton
MugabeAfrican racist dictator wants white Britains to become his tax slaves
Britain faces call to pay for slavery Zimbabwe will push for an apology and compensation for the dispossession of its land by its former colonial master, Britain, at the coming United Nations World Racism Conference, the Government says.
(Asian and black Jamaican migrants would also be subject to extortion) (reader)
President Robert Mugabe confirmed the appointment of three more black judges to the Supreme Court. In March he forced the white chief justice into early retirement, accusing him of bias in favour of whites, and replaced him with a Mugabe ally. This week, one of the five remaining white judges said he was resigning...
Kofi Annan Linked to Slave Trade
Kofi Annan and wife Nane U.N. Boss Should Go Back to His Native Ghana to Help Eliminate Slavery; Why Doesn't the U.N. Chief Publicly Condemn the Slave Practice???
Radical activists and the media are gearing up for the "World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance." U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan will be presiding as African nations press their demands for slavery reparations from the Western countries who profited from the slave trade. The African World Reparations and Repatriation Truth Commission wants a grand total of $777 trillion in reparations to the people of Africa. (reader link)
  • Fred Plops For Reparations - Sells Out To Johnny Cochran
    FredI see by the papers in the Yankee Capital that Johnny Cochran, and of course Jesse and Al, are wheezing and blowing like a county-fair calliope with a leaky boiler. They always are. This time it was about the need to pay reparations for the ravages trala of slavery. It got me to thinking. I hate it when that happens... (rEB bIKER link)
  • Call for slave reparations Nairobi - New York-based Human Rights Watch on Thursday called for reparations to be paid to people who suffer from the lingering effects of slavery, with special focus on the United States, South Africa and Brazil.
  • The Future Of ..."Reparations"
    During the recent flood disaster in Mozambique, I became curious as to what the monied Afro-Americans in this country are doing to assist African nations in crisis. "Surely," I thought, "there must be some movement afoot among Afro-Americans to form a significant help organization for Africa, a 'Black Cross' perhaps. Surely there's a movement to alleviate the suffering of Mother Africa, whose history over the past two centuries is a sorrowful tale of ruthless exploitation and devastation.
Against Reparations by John McWhorter - (reader link)
A review of "The Debt: What America Owes to Blacks by Randall Robinson"

REPARATIONS: Resolutions on Slavery Reparations
Dorothy J. Tillman Resolution, introduced by Ald. Dorothy Tillman (3rd) (voted 17/05/00)
The lone vote against the measure was cast by Ald. Brian Doherty (41st), who said residents in his Northwest Side ward are mostly whites who did not participate in the slavery system and do not feel responsible for reparations. "It's not their responsibility and they don't feel it's their responsibility," Doherty said of his constituents after the vote. "How can you make a direct relationship to them if they weren't even here?

    "I hope your presence here indicates that you sincerely believe "Africa matters.... That's why we are engaged in a concerted effort to build an African Village in Chicago..."
    Ref: Black racism by black power elite - Tillman refused white waiters
    Ref: Ref: Tillman as black terrorist. Tillman, backed by a crowd, shouted "Get her out of here or we are going to come and get her. We are going to come and get her ourselves" would put many a person in fear. Stevens is white. Tillman and her aides, like almost all of the students at Mollison, are black...
Leonard Pitts Jr.Heed history's warnings by Leonard Pitts Jr. I no longer have the letter, so I can't quote verbatim. But I can tell you what it said. The reader -- I remember him as a man -- wanted me to know that he was Jewish. And that he's sick of his fellow Jews going on and on about the Holocaust. He's also fed up with black folks harping about slavery.
  • White Slavery: Milwauke Man charged with sexual assault
    Teen claims man tattooed girls, forced them to dance at clubs
    The girl said Lorenzo Nazon King, a convicted drug dealer, made the girls prostitute
    and "had them all tattooed in a similar way and said that all these girls were his property."

Slavery Reparations, Mideast Politics Dog Preparations For U.N. Racism Conference

  • Africa's 'crimes against humanity'
    African governments are preparing to demand reparations for slavery from Western nations, while doing little to assist the current victims of the slave trade within their very borders.

Kofi Annan and wife NaneUN out of US - US out of UNAnnan nominated for second term as U.N. tribal chief - The UN Security Council formally nominated Secretary-General Kofi Annan for a second term at the helm of the UN. The nomination paves the way for his expected election by the 189-member General Ass-embly.

  • Condemnation of racism runs into centuries-old obstacles
    UNITED NATIONS - A top U.N. official said Wednesday that negotiations over a world-wide condemnation of racism is hitting age-old obstacles - debate over castes, colonialism and whether former slave countries such as the United States should pay reparations.
  • African Slavery today: Children of bondage
    Your chocolate may have slave labor in it - Special report: A Taste of Slavery DALOA, Ivory Coast - There may be a hidden ingredient in the chocolate cake you baked or the candy bars your children sold for their school fund-raiser.
    Slave labor. Forty-three percent of the world's cocoa beans, the raw material in chocolate, come from small farms in this poor West African country. And on some of the farms, the hot, hard work of clearing the fields and harvesting the fruit is done by boys who were sold or tricked into slavery. Most of them are between 12 and 16. Some are as young as 9. (reader)
  • Reparations redoubt by Mona Charen
    The reparations question will not go away. Black congressional leaders are criticizing the Bush administration for not taking a larger role in the upcoming World Conference Against Racism, which will take up the question of reparations. A group of black lawyers, including Johnnie Cochran, has announced plans to sue large corporations they claim have benefited from slavery, as well as the federal government.
  • Joseph SobranThe Truth About Black Slavery And The Confederate Flag
    Slavery in Perspective - by Joseph Sobran ...I've been reading Hugh Thomas's impressive history, The Slave Trade (published by Touchstone/Simon & Schuster). It's one of those books that shift your whole perspective on the past...

    All this puts something of a damper on the assumption that slavery was a sin specific or "peculiar" to the American South. The slaves had been Africans who were sold to European merchants by other Africans who had enslaved them in the first place. Several of Africa's proudest empires were built on the sale of slaves. For centuries Africa's chief export was human beings. When Congresswoman Maxine Waters speaks of "my African ancestors' struggle for freedom," she doesn't know what she's talking about. Slavery was an African institution long before it spread to the South, and there was no abolition movement to trouble it. When Europe banned the slave trade, African economies reeled.
  • Reparations? Diplomats Hold Slaves - in U.S. NEW YORK - Thousands of foreign domestic workers - typically women who work for diplomats, the United Nations, the World Bank, and foreign business people - have virtually no recourse to slave-like conditions from their employers, a report by the Human Rights Watch says. (NewsMax reader)
[Letter to editor on Reparations for Slavery]
"Hey guys,
You are so right: because of the colour of skin people are more evil than others! Especially those brownies from war-countries won't you say; they are travelling around the world carrying big baskets full of our white money that we didn't earn at cost of Africa, did we? And we were too silly to realise, weren't we? We brought those nigga's what they were asking for, they even didn't need to beg us. We brought them our money like slaves, like slaves!
Is this site a joke or a disease? Good luck convincing the world goofies !
Bye guys,
love from a nigga"

reparationsConfidential Price Waterhouse memo to Attorney General
"the US Government could be liable for hundreds of billions of dollars. And with the Slavery Reparations effort gaining momentum this could be a distinct possibility -- and we all know how uppity these people can get." (reader)

  • Big business is sent bill for slave trade Prominent black lawyers, including Johnnie Cochran, the successful defender of OJ Simpson, plan to sue the federal government to establish rights to compensation. Other lawsuits will target corporations "in the same way that Jews sued IBM for their involvement in the Holocaust", one legal source said.
  • Churches back call for West to pay for slavery
    South African church leaders backed the government's view yesterday that reparations for slavery and colonialism should be discussed at the World Conference Against Racism, being held in Durban in August. (If the West is to pay for slavery, it should get slaves in return.)
  • America's Original Sin - by Linda Chavez
    If it were possible to wipe out the legacy of slavery by writing a big, fat check, I'd be all for it. Who wouldn't be in favor of a simple solution to the problems that plague much of the African American community in America today -- especially since all of us are affected, not just blacks? Imagine, a one-time payment that would solve family breakdown, poverty and homicide among young, black males. But there are no easy solutions, and the payment of reparations to the descendants of slaves certainly isn't the answer. It's just more of the same liberal cure-all: Let government redistribute money from one group to try to solve the problems of another. (Teutonland link)
  • 27 million slaves, and we look away
    "It is the dark underbelly of globalisation, a trade in human misery and despair that has gone largely unnoticed." Reports on 21st century slavery. (reader link)
  • Tracy celebrates Juneteenth independence day
    Hundreds mark 1875 freedom of last slaves TRACY -- It wasn't July 4 and there were no fireworks, but an independence day was celebrated Saturday afternoon in Tracy.
    Tthe African community recognized June 19, 1875 -- the day Union soldiers landed in Galveston, Texas, and told the last slaves in the United States they were free.
  • African activists want slavery declared 'holocaust' Geneva - African rights activists said on Thursday they would press a world conference against racism to declare slavery and colonialism "a double Holocaust" and would call for compensation from former colonial powers. (reader link)

racial extortionSurprise! Races differ on reparations As debate intensifies across the nation over compensating African-Americans for the evils of slavery, the views of Illinois residents on the concept split sharply along racial lines, according to a Tribune/WGN-TV poll. (reader link)

Nat Hentoff‘I Saw the Slavery of My Ancestors’
The Black Eagle Swoops Into Sudan - by Nat Hentoff
"Joe (The Black Eagle) Madison has become a pivotal figure in the rising abolitionist movement to free slaves in Sudan. In missions to southern Sudan, he and others have helped to liberate 7366 slaves."

  • "The Black Turncoat"
    - "Any African-American who could vote for a REPUBLICAN is a TURNCOAT"... Rev. Jesse Jackson

  • Conservatives Still Losing The Fight - by Stephen Frazier (25 Nov 2003)
  • Other articles by Stephen Frazier
    * Does GOP have the Guts to Nominate a black Senatorial Candidate* USA Will Never Elect A Black President *Reparations Boondoggle * Black History Is OLD History * Blacks' Entrepreneurial Spirit In Decline*

[Reader recommends] - "for victims of preferential treatment"
Latest News and Facts about Racial Quotas, Preferences, and Reverse Discrimination.
Reparations for slavery? Or discrimination against light-skinned citizens?
Adversity.Net News and Analysis
Blackface minstrels
by H. Millard (c) 2001

"Slavers"Africans undermine reparations claim
- by Jeff White - The National Post A ship suspected of carrying child slaves is hunted along Africa's old slave coast. A National Post correspondent discovers beaten children kept in servitude on Ivory Coast's cocoa plantations. Slavery in Africa in 2001? This incongruous turn of events clashes with carefully laid plans by African bureaucrats to extract trillions from the West in reparations for slavery. These demands, which will be raised at a $21-million United Nations conference on racism late this summer in Durban, South Africa, hang upon the proposition that "slavery constituted a white attack upon blacks". Africa's misery only ended, by this theory, when Britain and the United States abolished the slave trade in 1807. (Reader link)
John N. DoggettStop Africa's slave trade, now! by John N. Doggett
Africa's dirty little secret isn't secret anymore. You see, although they abolished slavery in the Western Hemisphere more than a century ago, it still flourishes in Africa. The recent publicity over the Benin-based child slave boat is just the tip of the iceberg. (Reader link)
No Black Reparations without Black Repatriation
by Gregory Krupey "Reparations have already been paid to blacks in the blood of White soldiers, both Union and Confederate, killed in the Civil War, and an entire section of our country devastated and uprooted in that unnecessary war. No other country ever went to war with itself to free slaves of an alien race. None in Africa ever will..."
Get your reparations (bottom of page)

"Reparations for slavery?" The more I think about it, the more I believe it might not be such a bad idea.

You see, back in the middle 1870s, my paternal grandfather (note: there's not even one "great" in front of that word) was brought to this country as an "indentured servant" to work in the lead mines of Colorado. He was called an indentured servant for two reasons: 1) at that time, slavery had only recently been abolished in the United States, and 2) his face was white. Nevertheless, he was sold into bondage.

Some members of the family say it was by his own hand. Others of us doubt that the signature of a 16-year-old boy would have been taken as legally binding and that it was done by a member or members of his own family. This was a practice that was still not all that uncommon back in those days, in Europe as well as Africa.

Be that as it may, you can bet your life that when the government starts handing our reparations for slavery, I'm going to be standing in the line with my hand out.

@txrt:E. Martin
Kansas City

7 April 2001 archived
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slavesDebts and Doubts; Should Every Black American Get a Check? March 23 — There's no disputing that Americans of African descent suffered centuries of enslavement. What's far less certain, however, is what kind of debt is owed to the descendants of those slaves. (reader link)

Walter E. WilliamsProclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons
of European Descent
by Walter E. Williams, Gracious and Generous Grantor
"Therefore, from this day forward Americans of European ancestry can stand straight and proud knowing they are without guilt and thus obliged not to act like damn fools in their relationships with Americans of African ancestry."

  • Storm troopers vs. free speech by Thomas Sowell
    Despite media proclamations of "the public's right to know" and frequent invocations of the First Amendment, there has been a deafening silence from the national media over the storm trooper tactics used on college campuses against student newspapers that carried a paid advertisement by David Horowitz, outlining the case against reparations for slavery
7 April 2001 archived
New Nation News - Archives
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that if any would not work, neither should he eat.
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