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Seahenge, the remarkable ring of oak timbers

'Seahenge' - Timber Circle,
Megalithic Mysteries

 "For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again," bible
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European Pre-history Reference 1
buckle detail from Sutton Hoo ship

Gods & Goddesses of the Norse


Trade as the Real Power of the Vikings

Artifacts Point to Lost Greek City

Viking boat
The Sutton Hoo ship was excavated in Suffolk
in 1939. It is thought to be an East Anglian king of the seventh century, King Raedwald, who died 624/5 A.D.
Also buried were ceremonial jewelry, buckles, an iron helmet, shield, folded mail coat, and an ax-hammer.

mainsail of a reconstructed Viking longboat - the gyrfalcon

Ancient Tomb Highlights Syria's Illustrious Past
In the Middle East, an unbroken pot is an amazing and unusual find for an archaeologist. The site, Umm el-Marra, east of the modern city of Aleppo in Syria's Jabbul Plain, is an area that was a crossroads for ancient trade between Mesopotamia, Aleppo and Mediterranean states around 2500 B.C. The tomb that the team discovered may be one of the oldest intact tombs ever found in Syria. "The people of this tomb lived around the time of the Sumerians... around the creation of the world's first empire, the Akkadian empire," said Glenn Schwartz, lead archaeologist

New evidence reveals Vikings may not have been the first Europeans to land on Newfoundland.

Scientists defrost 5,300-year-old mummy found in Italy

  • When the wagons first rolled west
    by Robert Whitaker "...For thousands of years, the ancestors of today's white Americans traveled from the ancient Indo-European homeland somewhere far to the east of Poland. They migrated steadily west and south from there. Our Indo-European ancestors moved steadily westward into Europe..."
mainsail of a reconstructed Viking longboat - the gyrfalcon


  The men of the present,
to whom my heart once drove me,
are strange to me and a mockery; 
and I have been driven from fatherlands and motherlands.

So now I love
only my childrens land,
the undiscovered land
in the furthest sea:
I bid my sails seek it and seek it.

- from the Portal of the 
Nation of Europa

Society for Nordish Physical Anthropology


* Westward ho, Vikings REYKJAVIK, Iceland
-- Capt. Gunnar Marel Eggertsson, a descendant of Viking explorer Leif Ericson, will set out today to prove history can repeat itself when he begins a re-enactment of his famous forefather's voyage to North America.

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Stonehenge Man Was Executed by Sword Skeleton Adds to Stonehenge Saga
Stonehenge Execution Revealed
Scientists Probe Riddle of Stonehenge Skeleton
Skeleton Adds to Stonehenge Saga
Stonehenge Skeleton Poses Mysteries

* Vikings in Peru?
Ancient city found in Peruvian jungle

Savoy described the Chachapoyas as tall, fierce, fair-skinned warriors who were defeated in the late 15th century by Inca ruler Tupac Yupanqui shortly before the Spanish conquest of Peru. The Incas so respected their fighting prowess that they made the Chachapoyas their bodyguards, he said.

* Author recounts retracing Viking voyage at U. Washington SEATTLE -- Vikings might not have been the looting, horned-hat wearing tyrants history makes them out to be.

* On our route, patterns of history This summer, a hardy crew of Scandinavians will sail a very small ship from the harbor here out across the freezing, wind-swept waters of the North Atlantic to the west and south along the coast of the United Staes. In a replica of Leif Ericson's boat, a graceful wooden vessel totally open to the elements, they will mimic the historic trip he made 1,000 years ago - a search for new lands and new possibilities.

* Iron Age village discovered A remote community of wealthy Iron Age farmers who lived a privileged existence in two-storey homes has been discovered at a site believed to be 1,500 years older than Stonehenge.

The Amazing Vikings They earned their brutal reputation--but the Norse were also craftsmen, explorers and believers in democracy
Vikings return to North America
A Viking Chapter in American History
Praise for exhibition that recasts the Vikings

Slaughter of the Dogs Crashing Climate Left Norse Settlers in Greenland Few Options for Survival
by Brian Fagan Western Settlement, Greenland, A.D. 1350: The dark, winter months dragged on. Hungry and cold, the Norse farmers huddled in their homesteads, waiting desperately for spring. Finally, the men slaughtered their starving dairy cows. Then they killed even their faithful hunting dogs and left the butchered bones in the narrow passageways of the house.

Goths on the Attack - Rubble Helped the Byzantines Fend Off the Barbarians

The Path to the Underworld?
The enigmatic site - a subterranean series of rock passages and chambers on the Scottish Island of Orkney called Mine Howe - apparently was built several thousand years ago. Its function remains elusive.

Restless Corpses Neolithic Britons Shuffled Their Dead Beyond the Grave

The Viking MIllenium


Vikings ranged widely, new evidence shows

REYKJAVIK, Iceland -- As Scandinavians, Americans and Canadians prepare to mark the 1,000th anniversary of the Viking arrival in the New World with a series of ambitious exhibits and celebrations, researchers are uncovering new evidence that Viking expeditions ranged farther into the Arctic than previously believed and that their contacts with the ``Skraelings'' -- the aboriginal inhabitants with whom they battled and bartered -- spanned centuries. The disparate clues -- a strand of yarn found in the frozen Arctic tundra, rivets from a long ship -- provide tantalizing hints that the Vikings may have journeyed nearly to the North Pole and southward all the way to the Gulf of Maine.

Up-Helly Aa "Vikings" mark Shetland's Nordic past By David Luhnow LERWICK, Shetland Islands - Bearded men in winged helmets and armour dragged a longship through the town of Lerwick and set it ablaze during the night as Scotland's remote Shetland Islands recalled their Viking heritage.

The Shetlands, made up of some 100 islands, were given to Scotland in 1469 in the dowry of a Danish princess.

Lerwick has been holding its Up-Helly-Aa or "End of the Holidays" festival on the last Tuesday night of January for more than 100 years, and the roots of the celebrations go back centuries. Locals build a replica 30-foot (9 metre) Viking ship and parade through streets flanked by up to a thousand torch bearers known as "guizers" - or disguise wearers.

 * Baffling Viking Artifacts Found in Cave
A hoard of Viking artifacts found in a cave in southern Ireland is baffling archaeologists. The hoard -- discovered by a heritage worker cleaning the cave -- comprises coins, bronze and silver ingots and conical objects made of silver wire.

 * A new series of slabs at Avebury stone circle
   in western England, discovered under a farmer's field...

 * Perfect day for Neolithic sunrise in Ireland

 * Brightest Moon In 133 Years Due On Dec 21

 * The shape-shifting berserker
   could take the shape of a bear or wolf...

 * Thorshof, Fealcen Stow and Midgard's Web

 * The Age of Chivalry or Legends of King Arthur
 * Arthurian Studies

Viking helmet

 * Birch-Tar Gum for Stone Age Man: Chewed Up Tar
  Samples Found Across Northern Europe.

 * Orkney Farmer Finds Ancient Underground Pagan

 * Neandertal News

 * Novels of Prehistoric America.

 * Guide to the main sacred areas of Ancient Britain.

 * First Americans were Europeans who went west.

 * link updated 2/2/2000Updated link: Stone Pages: Stone circles, dolmens, standing stones, cairns, barrows and hillforts: welcome to the first and most comprehensive online guide to European megaliths and other ancient sites
 * The Stone Circle webring.
 * Another face carved on an ancient standing stone
  in the UK may have been discovered.
 * Underwater Structures Found Off Malta:
  temple, stone circles... 
 * Neolithic peoples in France constructed huge tombs
  that are today only visible from the air.


 * link updated 5/23/2001Arild Hauge's Runes and Vikingpage
 * The Viking Saga
 * Vikings and Scandinavian History.
 * Did Vikings beat Indians to ancient drawings?
 * The Viking Longship Company, Ltd. Home Page


  European Pre-history News
   * De Gaulle Airport Masks Celt Tombs.
 * Celtic Nations Heritage Festival.
 * The Celts and Saxons Homepage.
 * The World of the Celts.
 * Ancient Hibernia: Newgrange, a Passage
  to the Afterworld.
 * Shamanism in Gaelic Culture 
  (or What Do We Call Our People?)

 * The Basques: Europe's Mystery People.
 * Professor hopes to excavate and clone woolly mammoth.

Seahenge, the remarkable ring of oak timbers  * Seahenge dated to spring 2050 BC
   Seahenge, the remarkable ring of oak timbers recently uncovered on 
   a UK beach, is exactly 4,050 years old. 

 * "Seahenge": Bronze Age timber circle dating from around 2000 
  BC found on a remote beach in Norfolk, England.

 * Shifting Sands Yield 'Stonehenge Of The Sea' In England.

  Bones on an island off California may date back 13,000 years.

Discovery of ancient grinding tools bolsters alternate
migration theory about a second group of migrants that used watercraft to reach North America up to 13,000 years ago.

New Agers venerate Caucasian megaliths (image)
The Asatru Folk Assembly
GATHERING OF THE TRIBES (in Northern California Republic)

This woman of the steppes was buried with gold jewelry, a Greek red-figure cup, and other offerings in the early third century B.C.

Secrets of Cherchen Man - An Unexpected 3,000-Year-Old Mummy
Germanic 'Barbarian' Tribes Were Pleasant, 'Perfect' Neighbors
Ancient Warrior Rides Again After Discovery
 * Winter Solstice and Asatru links
 * Summer Solstice and Asatru links.

Peek Into the Iceman's Prehistoric Medicine Bag

Researchers in Spain serve up Bronze Age beer 

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