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A New Year's Wish for White Unity
- from a New Nation News reader

I have long hoped that whites might come together to work towards a common goal, the way that other religious and ethnic groups do. I noticed links to Asatru organizations on New Nation, so I had a look, wondering if the deep bond of a common and ancient religion might serve to draw us together.

The material was interesting, but I immediately encountered one supposedly "Nordic" web ring which disavowed any connections with race or nationalism. "Sites that advocate...a controversial political position excluded if we feel that it is likely that some users will be offended..."

What may be discussed, as our outgoing president busily signs legislation to bring even more aliens into our country, and our incoming president allows as how he likes those aliens just fine? Recipes for Swedish meatballs? Rosemaling?

Imagine the feelings of a person, fearful for the very survival of his race, who has just taken the enormous step of beginning to question and examine Christianity, when that person runs directly into standard, stifling modern-day "political correctness" within thirty seconds of beginning his inquiry!
I thought I'd dig deeper by doing a web search on the word "Asatru," and instead of finding solid fellowship I found irresolute, deracinated apologists and ninny-nannies; page after page of supposed "Norse, Germanic, and European" groups that "do not discriminate." ?

"No room for propaganda or haters here." "Viking anti-hate chat room!"

This, from the descendants of powerful men with spears and swords who terrorized the seas, who colonized wastelands! Chat room?

black 'viking'"No nationalism or racism!" "A powerful curse against those who think their paleness makes them superior!" (An even more powerful curse against those who so obviously have not even a glimmer of the issues involved.) "Open to all races and colors!" "Gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual Asatru."

Why, they've left out bilingual Asatru! Asatru in Braille! Asatru in sign language! Accessible Asatru! And what about Asatru for the Mentally Challenged? Where are the lines of publicly-funded buses, the "consent decrees" and court edicts to ensure that Asatru "looks like America?"

All this, plus the usual dreary, boring all-purpose Sixties drug leftovers calling themselves things like "Starchild" and "Rhiannon," who'd be just as indiscriminately happy at a Senegalese circumcision rite, an Inuit funeral, or a Unitarian bake sale as they would anywhere else- assuming that they even notice their surroundings.
If I had wanted to hear the ideas I encountered in my web search for racial unity against massed destructive forces, I'd have left my TV set on.

Blacks proudly wear African hats and black-designed clothes marked FUBU- For Us, By Us. Is there nothing left for whites- not even our own ancient religion?

Has some "Starchild" or other ever crawled out of the Woodstockian mud long enough to be injured (by blacks) in the endless battle that is life in a "diverse" society, and have they ever unknowingly walked, injured, into a black-run and black-patronized tavern, hoping to use the pay telephone? The music stops- instantly. The place becomes deathly silent. Glasses freeze in mid-air. 100 blank faces turn as one to regard the intruder. "Ain't no phone here. Don't be bleedin' on my flo', neither" says a grateful recipient of forty years of unbridled "civil rights" and subsidized "equality."

But welcome, black stranger, to our most sacred rites, which we have not the will or the courage to protect- not even as much as you automatically, instinctively, unanimously, and unquestioningly defend a mere "cocktail lounge" from outsiders not sharing your pigmentation!

As we saw in the recent election, blacks vote as a near monolithic bloc, while whites are split down the middle- not just on politics, but on virtually everything. Until we unite, we will remain helpless. As one writer said (was it the famous Col. Jeff Cooper?) "You don't need to worry about choosing sides in a race war. The other side will take care of that for you."
I read one piece about the practice of Asatru in the most hostile environment imaginable; an American prison. Even there, the practitioners found it necessary to be conciliatory, even though the fear that seemed to be instantly generated by a group of purposeful white men coming together would serve to protect those men from being raped or stabbed! "Everyone was scared of us until we stood up at a meeting and explained everything, what our runes and symbols meant, and how we were really nice people who didn't want to hurt anyone."


With thinking like that, do we even deserve to survive?

Another page proudly described how an Asatru gathering drove off KKK members at gun- and swordpoint. Circumstances may have made it necessary to do so- I wasn't there- but if the Klansmen, who had not been expected, could have been persuaded to listen, wouldn't it have been appropriate to say, "Welcome, fellow white men. If you would like to stay as honored guests at our ceremony, you could learn much about our heritage. A horn of mead for our visitors!"

Instead, "If that cross goes up, you get nailed to it" said one Asatru member.
Why must a white man who erects one sort of wooden pole violently disagree with another white man who sets up a slightly different wooden pole? Why do some whites feel themselves more akin to a black, Asian, or Hispanic than to a member of their own race?

...and there goes our religion.

We spend much of our time like this, pushing each other away, insisting that "we're not like them." The target shooters insist they're not bloodthirsty like the hunters. The hunters insist that they're not like those crazy guys who like to shoot AKs and AR-15s at the range. The reenactors in their uniforms swear that they're not like those militia guys, the militia goes out of its way to let you know that they'll have nothing to do with those awful survivalists, and no one will admit membership in that horrendous NRA!

...and there go our weapons.

We are terrified at the thought of being disliked by anyone- we even fret over the feelings of those who would wipe us from the earth.

We are gripped by the "need to explain"- as though we owed our mortal enemies an explanation.

We are captive to the "urge to confess"- as though we were doing something wrong in simply being who and what we are.

We seem consumed with guilt over our very existence.

We have become our own worst enemy. No police state, no despot will ever have enough manpower; for tyranny to succeed, we must silence each other, inform on each other, disown each other- and that is what we are doing. "I am not a ra-cist, a ra-cist, a racist!" we insist- even when not asked. How well we have been trained!

"You're a racist, a racist, a racist!" we shout at each other- and all the while our country is being changed beyond recognition and our culture is being trampled into the dirt.

And there goes our race.

- from a New Nation News reader

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