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Updated August 12, 2005

Hunting Whites in Seattle - video images



  00 : 05 One can see fights breaking up. People belonging to minorities, either African-american or Latino-american have an aggressive behavior in a crowd of European-americans.

  00 : 08 A group of African-americans, dressed up in "gangsta rap" clothes, gets in the crowd of European-americans, brutally beating up all those who stand in the way. At the end of this sequence, one can hear a man screaming in panic "People are gonna die"

  00 : 13 On the right side of the European-american man with a white coat, a man is thrown on the ground and punched in the face. (One doesn't see it well here, but it does show on the video).

  00 : 15 African-americans are beginning to target the European-american man with the white coat. He is backing up and he raises an arm to protect his face from the cruel blows he is suffering!

  00 : 16 The European-american man tries to fight back. Ethnic solidarity prompt a few African-americans men to intervene and help the others assailants, they are really beginning to beat him up.

  00 : 18 The African-american racists are now completely overpowering the European-american man with the white coat. There are at least six blacks in the pack beating up the white man.

  00 : 27 The speaker says "Oh my god, they are beating up a woman!"

Jennifer BlasingameIndeed, the African-american racists are done with the European-american man in the white coat. They are targeting Jennifer Blasingame. Women are easier prey that men like the European-american man in the white coat who dare shoving them at least one "patate" before going down. They separated her from her boyfriend. She is brutally pushed against the wall! Then, two African-american racists punch her full force on the head!



00 : 32 Jennifer Blasingame is down on the ground, half knocked out. A courageous African-american racist decides to kick her in the head...

Watch the video 80K - Watch the video 28 K


Inteview of Jenifer Blasingame, Big picture of the beating.

Watch the video 80 k - Watch the video 28 k


Kristopher Kime's death and several large sequence of the beatings

Watch the video 80 k - Watch the video 28 k


You'll need the Window's Media Player . I recommend you pick the 80k option even if you got slow connection because the picture is much better and bigger that way.

Below is a link to the TV station that got the footage out! Check the video and watch it while it lasts, this kind of document might be taken off soon, and I have no control on how long it will be available.

If you live in the Seattle area and have a tape of this event, and would be willing to give me a copy, or send me a video archive for computer. I would be very thankfull, so I could make it available. As I reapeat over and over in french:

"Anti-White racism EXISTS. its particularity is its capacity to silence its victims, and the fact it's forbidden to talk about it!"



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