18 July 2019

    (black) deputy marshal released from prison after completing portion of his sentence for killing 6-year-old White boy
Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr.6-year-old Jeremy MardisChris FewAVOYELLES PARISH, La. (KALB) - Norris Greenhouse, Jr. has completed a portion of his sentence and has been released from the custody of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety and Corrections as of June 28.

Greenhouse, Jr. was sentenced to seven years and six months after pleading guilty in October 2017 to malfeasance in office and negligent homicide. He received two years and six months on the malfeasance conviction and five years for negligent homicide for his role in the November 2015 shooting death of 6-year-old Jeremy Mardis and the shooting of his father, Chris Few, in Marksville.

Greenhouse, Jr. was one of two deputy Ward 2 city marshals charged in connection with the crime, the other being Derrick Stafford, who is serving a 40 year sentence for manslaughter and attempted manslaughter.

According to Pastorick, "because by law these are not crimes of violence, he (Greenhouse, Jr.) was required to serve 35-percent of this sentence (958 days)."

    (low-IQ black with stupid negro name) demanded about $20 from (white) guy he knew before shooting him to death
black suspectWhite victimCharleston police officers arrested a 25-year-old Hanahan negro they say shot and killed a (White) man last month in downtown’s East Side neighborhood.

Tyquez Travon Simmons of Berkeley Street was taken into custody Monday and charged with murder and possession of a firearm during the commission of a violent crime, police said.

He is suspected in the June 18 shooting of 29-year-old Bryan Cozart near Harris and America streets. When officers converged on that area shortly after 5 a.m. that day, they found Cozart lying in the street between two cars and suffering multiple gunshot wounds, said Charles Francis, a police spokesman. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Arrest affidavits released Tuesday reveal that Cozart and Simmons knew one another and were involved in fight at a Johnson Street apartment before the shooting.

“Detectives know that Tyquez Simmons was brought to Johnson Street ... for the purpose of collecting money,” the affidavits said. “Witnesses ... corroborated that (he) confronted the victim over money owed, which turned into a physical altercation.”

Detectives learned that Cozart was inside the apartment when Simmons started pounding on the rear door and demanded to be let inside, the affidavits said.

Simmons demanded about $20 from the victim during the fight, which was broken up by someone else inside the apartment. Simmons left through the rear door.

Cozart stayed inside but eventually left out the front door, presumably to get to his workplace, Trojan Labor, by 5:30 a.m., the affidavits said.  Following the shooting, witnesses identified Simmons from a photographic lineup.  - (Black-on-white)

Editor note: Never borrow money from a black person - because they might shoot you if you don't repay...

    (black) ‘Armed And Dangerous’ Suspect Allegedly Yelled ‘Die’ During 8-Year-Old (white?) Boy’s Fatal Stabbing
black suspectadulterous nigger loverWhite victim NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — A man, just out of jail, who is now accused of fatally stabbing his girlfriend’s 8-year-old child in Lawrence County late Monday night has been arrested.
The child is identified as 8-year-old Mark Edward Mason.

Keith Burley, 43, of Edinburg, Pennsylvania, was taken into custody by U.S. Marshals.
Police say the call came in at first as a kidnapping and “rolling domestic dispute,” which means a dispute was occurring inside a vehicle between Burley and his (adulterous) girlfriend, 36-year-old Maram Saada. The woman had her two children inside the car with Burley. (The surname Saada is from ALGERIA)

Trp Jim Long explains, “There was an argument with something to do with the cell phones. It got physical and it went from words to physical abuse.” Police say Saada exited the vehicle at the New Castle Fire Department after being assaulted by Burley. “The female that was involved with the domestic in New Castle City was his current girlfriend, and the two children belonged to that woman,” said Tpr. James Long, of Pennsylvania State Police.

Police say Burley then drove the car with Saada’s 7- and 8-year-old children back to the home on High Street and allegedly fatally stabbed Mason. Three other children witnessed the stabbing, including the boy’s brother, along with a 15-year-old and another 8-year-old.

According to the criminal complaint, the surviving children told police that Burley was yelling, “Die!” during the stabbing. The other children were not injured, according to police. Trp Long says, “He committed the murder with a knife the kids got a glimpse of it and they did the best they could get help.”

State police say Mason’s 7-year-old brother was able to run out of the house and to a neighbor’s home. It was that neighbor who called police.
  - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    (black ex-convict) indicted in March hammer slaying of (white) girlfriend - (SMASHED IN HER HEAD)
black suspectnigger loverA 63-year-old Baton Rouge man who police say confessed to beating his girlfriend to death with a hammer while high on cocaine has been indicted on second-degree murder.

Willie Joseph III, of 6061 Plank Road, was charged Wednesday by an East Baton Rouge Parish grand jury in the March 30 slaying of Cynthia Gaudet, 55.

Gaudet was found dead inside a trailer in the 6000 block of Plank Road. Her body was wrapped in a bedspread with a plastic shopping bag around her face. Baton Rouge police detectives wrote in Joseph's arrest warrant that Gaudet's head appeared "smashed in with some sort of blunt object."

Joseph showed up at his neighbor's house two days after the crime and confessed, police said. He then turned himself in to authorities and confessed again.

Joseph told police he and Gaudet, his new girlfriend, had been smoking crack cocaine together all evening when they got into an argument. At one point, Gaudet tried to hit him with a hammer and he took it from her. Later on, he said, the argument escalated and he "lost it," police have said. He hit her three or four times over the head, then covered her face with a shopping bag to "finish her off," police said. Joseph had recently been released from prison after serving two decades for rape, police said. - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)
Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    Bad dreadlocked negro turns savage self in for berserk attack on non-black man over parking space
black suspectblack suspect White victimAn (evil black) man turned himself in after being seen on video viciously beating up a 69-year-old hotel manager over a parking spot and leaving him with a concussion and bruises, authorities said.
Deandre Hampton, 21, turned himself in at 6:15 p.m. on Tuesday, said

Officer Christian Lata, spokesman for the Hollywood Police department.
The beat down happened about 10:30 a.m. May 25 outside the Shore View Hotel at 1711 S. Surf Rd. in Hollywood. A security surveillance video that recorded the attack outside the quiet beachfront hotel made the rounds on social media and local news, stoking alarm and outrage.
The victim, Rudy Harow, 69,  he just doesn’t understand why someone would turn violent when simply being asked not to park in a reserved space. - (Black-on-white)

    After Brutal Black Group Attack On LESBIAN Same-Sex Couple, Police Offering $5,000 Reward
black suspect White victimPATCHOGUE, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) – Police on Long Island are searching for a man accused of assaulting a woman earlier this month in a case now being investigated as a hate crime.
Pictures show the injuries Kimberly Page says she suffered after being attacked back on July 7.  “My knee has a gash in it,” she said. “My eye and my face and the back of my head.” Page says she was with her girlfriend near the Patchogue-Medford Library in an alleyway after a night out with friends around 3:30 a.m. when a group of men began taunting them.

“Started saying obscene things to my girlfriend and I,” she said. “It originated by him asking her if she wanted a real (expletive) and why is she with this (homophobic slur).” Page says they tried ignoring the comments but things got heated.
“He specifically said to her ‘I’m not going to fight you, I’m going to fight her,’ meaning me because I’m a dude,” she said.
Page’s girlfriend she says was slapped then held down. “He proceeds to hit me in the face,” she said. “From that first punch I fell to the ground and I was unconscious for part of it, but what I know now is he was bashing my head on the ground.
- (Black-on-white)

    Woman slashed in face by stranger with Negro name (Tyquan McClary) near Port Authority

    (black jigabooger) accused of killing wife, children had history of domestic violence
black suspectvictimThe man accused of killing his wife and three children was arrested 14 months ago on a domestic violence charge against Jerrica Spellman.

Travane Brandon Jackson was arrested in May 2018, according to Muscogee County state court records.
The four murder victims are Jerrica Spellman, 29, King Jackson, 3, Kensley Jackson, 1, and one-month-old Kristen Jackson. Police say they were stabbed to death last night.

Jackson was arrested on June 22, 2013, for possession of marijuana and intention to distribute according to court records. He pleaded guilty on May 12, 2014, and was sentenced to time served and seven years probation. Later, Jackson was arrested on May 17, 2018, after police were called by Jerrica Spellman to a home in the 500 block of Farr Road, records show.

The case was deferred adjudication in July of last year, pending Jackson attending anger management classes. He also had to pay $140 in court fees. There was no resolution of the case. Spellman told police at the time that he pushed her down. Jackson admitted to police to pushing her and said she hit her face on a table.

    2 (blacks) In Dallas Police Custody For Sex Trafficking Through 3 States
black suspectsDALLAS (CBSDFW.COM) – Dallas Police and the FBI have arrested two people on sex trafficking charges.
Police said the crime happened over the course of four days, traveling through Missouri, Illinois and Texas. With the information received from the suspects and victim, officers were able to execute a search warrant which resulted in the seizure of 15 pistols and rifles, narcotics and a vehicle which was used in the crime along with a large sum of money. Detectives arrested James Duncan, 37, and Katheryne Sneed, 23 on sex trafficking charges. Their bonds are set at $100,000.

    Kemia Hassel guilty in murder of her husband Tyrone Hassel III
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectblack suspectBERRIEN COUNTY, Mich. -- Jurors took just over an hour to find Kemia Hassel guilty in the murder of her husband, Tyrone Hassel III.  Kemia and her boyfriend, Jeremy Cuellar, were both charged with Tyrone's murder but are being tried separately. Kemia was found guilty of first degree murder and conspiracy. She will be sentenced August 29. The jury deliberated for just over an hour. At just 22-years-old, Kemia could be sentenced to life in prison.
stupid black pair plot the murder of an Army soldier for insurance money
ST. JOSEPH, Mich. — A woman and her boyfriend were deployed with the U.S. Army in South Korea when they conspired via Snapchat to kill her husband so she could claim the life insurance money, police in Michigan said. Berrian County Judge Sterling Schrock ruled Wednesday in a preliminary hearing that the murder trial of Kemia Hassel, 22, and Jeremy Cuellar, 24, will begin April 30. Both have pleaded not guilty in the Dec. 31 killing of U.S. Army Sgt. Tyrone Hassel III. Cuellar was also charged with a felony firearms count. Authorities say the 23-year-old Hassel was ambushed while visiting his family in St. Joseph Township. He died of multiple gunshot wounds, including one to the head, according to the autopsy report. All three were soldiers stationed at Fort Stewart in Georgia.

    (black)  St. Louis County man accused of beating puppy into a coma with hockey stick
black suspect ST. LOUIS   —Thirty-three-year-old Cartez Spriggs of Riverview was charged with felony animal abuse Friday. He does not yet have a listed attorney.  The suspect is the EX-boyfriend of the owner of the dog.

Charging documents say police were called to Spriggs' home for a report of a man beating a dog. Officers found a hockey stick in the front yard and blood stains, then found a puppy lying in a pool of blood. Court documents state that Spriggs confessed to raising the dog above his head and letting it drop to the ground before he hit it multiple times with a hockey stick.

Police said Spriggs told investigators he was blacked out with rage and couldn't remember how many times he struck the 4-month-old puppy. He also reportedly told police he blamed “stress” for the incident, and that he was an angry person and had been considering harming someone or something for some time.

Spriggs' criminal history in Missouri includes assault, drug possession and distribution.

    HISPANIC Chicago woman, daughter charged with killing baby cut from teenager's womb with butcher knife
A Chicago woman and her daughter, accused of strangling a teenage mom, cutting the unborn child from her womb and claiming it as their own, were charged with first-degree murder Thursday in the death of the infant. The charges are piled on top of at least two dozen counts of first-degree murder, aggravated kidnapping, dismemberment of a human body and concealment of a homicide in relation to the teen mother's death.

Clarisa Figueroa, 46, and Desiree, 26, her daughter, allegedly hatched a plan to lure 19-year-old Marlen Ochoa-Lopez to their apartment and steal her unborn baby; Clarisa's own 20-year-old son died of natural causes in 2018.

    Baby-faced Hispanic teen KILLER (with GUATAMALAN surname) arrested for SW Lubbock murder of (White) man
White victimLUBBOCK, Texas - For the second week in a row, Lubbock Police have someone under the age of 21 in custody, charged with murder.

Police arrested Felix Joseph Alonzo, 19, for the deadly shooting of Larry Fawver, 67, in southwest Lubbock. According to the Lubbock County Detention Center website, he is charged with capital murder and theft of a firearm. Officers were called Saturday evening to 122nd Street near Chicago Avenue on reports of shots fired. They found Fawver, who died at the scene.

The Lubbock Police Department and Metro Special Crimes Unit identified Alfonzo as a suspect early on, according to a news release. He was taken into custody after sheriff's deputies responded to an unrelated single-vehicle crash on U.S. 87 at County Road 7500. The news release did not explain how the crash was related.

    HISPANIC Man Who Ripped Out Victim's Eyeball Faces Life in Prison
Kern County prosecutors say Orozco tore out the man's eye and tried to pull out his other eye during an October 2018 attack.
Prosecutors alleged Orozco broke into the Bakersfield home of his girlfriend and attacked a man who was in bed with her.

Update: 'Gyptian Dad murdered autistic sons by driving off pier: prosecutors
The boys couldn’t swim and died strapped to their seats.

Elmezayen reaped more than $260,000 in insurance payouts for the deaths
and wired more than $170,000 back to his native Egypt, said prosecutors in the fraud case.
    EGYPTIAN California dad charged with insurance fraud after he drove off cliff, killing autistic sons: feds
mud suspect A father in California has been accused of driving his family, including his two autistic sons, off a cliff after he purchased $6 million insurance policies in case of accidental deaths.
Ali Elmezayen, 44, of Hawthorne, was charged with defrauding insurance companies following the April 9, 2015, episode, the U.S. Attorney's Office for the Central District of California announced Tuesday.
Elmezayen, who is Egyptian, collected more than $260,000 in insurance payouts and wired most of the money back to Egypt, according to the U.S. attorney's office.

  MUSLIM ISIS supporters who beheaded (White female) Scandinavian hikers in Morocco sentenced to death
White victimWhite victimThree men who claimed allegiance to ISIS after brutally killing two Scandinavian women hiking in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco have been sentenced to death. The men – Jounes Ouzayed, Rashid Afatti, and Abdessaman Al Joud – are the three main defendants accused of killing and beheading Maren Ueland, 28, of Norway, and Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, from Denmark, in December. The slayings were recorded on video and shared on social media by ISIS supporters.

On Wednesday, a court in Morocco convicted them on terror charges. A fourth suspect, Kahiali Abderahman, who fled the scene, was given life in prison. The Moroccan court also handed 19 accomplices jail terms ranging from five to 30 years.
 The main defendants asked Allah for forgiveness.
“The most just thing would be to give these beasts the death penalty they deserve,” Helle Petersen, Jaspersen’s mother, said in a letter that was read out in court last week. In his closing arguments in June, the prosecutor asked the court to sentence the top suspects to death, and described the three main defendants as "human beasts."

Israeli flag
Twelve Israeli teens arrested in GANG rape of 19-year-old British tourist
A dozen Israelis — some as young as 15 — have been arrested in Cyprus on suspicion of raping a 19-year-old British tourist in the resort town of Ayia Napa, according to reports.

The woman filed a police report at a local police station Wednesday saying she had been gang-raped by the Israeli teens the night before, the Times of Israel reported.

Three of the suspects — ranging in age from 15 to 18 — said they had sex with the woman, while the rest claimed to have had nothing to do with the incident, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The 12 boys appeared in a Famagusta court Thursday and were remanded for an additional eight days, while local media outlets reported that the woman is expected to undergo further medical tests.

“So far the police have extracted DNA samples from them

    'I'm a Person of Color ... I'm a White': Pennsylvania Congressman Jokes on Race While Talking About Trump Tweets

    The NAACP (for Negro "Colored People") is suing the tax-payers of Delaware for more money for colored kids
Blame lower school results on funding and not on the lower-IQ of most colored kids.

    13 Philadelphia police officers who made racist, offensive Facebook posts to be fired

Dems insist ‘no one is above the law’ — except illegal immigrants

    White Cuck Iowa Dept Human Services Director w/ Tupac Fixation Ousted After Email To 4,300
Worship of a black criminal glorifying 'rapper' is idolatrous and encourages the worst in black 'kulture'

    Utah school district settles with family of biracial boy who was dragged by a school bus

    4 Chicago police officers fired over statements they made after another officer fatally shot Laquan McDonald
One official with the Fraternal Order of Police objected at the meeting, saying the decision to fire the officers would lead to more violence in the city and against police, because officers will fear they can be fired merely for responding to a job

    Editor note: BACKLOGGED - posting some headlines before they become too stale - and get flushed down the history hole...

17 July 2019

    Canada: (BLACK) "Spider-Man" trapped by gun wounds and murder charge
black suspectWhite victimShawn (Buck) Vassel was nicknamed the Spider-Man Killer after scaling down 11 floors of a North York highrise apartment in an unsuccessful bid to elude police bent on arresting him for murder.

Now, Spider-Man won’t be rappelling down the side of buildings any time soon for two reasons. Facing charges of second-degree murder in connection with a deadly shooting in May, the 35-year-old Vassel’s in a Toronto hospital — paralyzed from the waist down — after Monday’s gun battle in the Queen St. and Ossington Ave. area.

Shot three times, bullets pierced Vassel’s right lower back, upper thigh and left lower leg.
It’s not yet known whether his paralysis is temporary or permanent.
The shooters scattered 22 9-mm shell casings on the ground and wounded two others beside Vassel, said police.
“It was an all out gun battle,” Det. Darren Worth of 14 Division said.
“At this point, there is no known connection between the shooting and the murder.”
Vassel was in his hospital bed on Wednesday when police charged him with second-degree murder, stemming from the May 3 shooting death of Justin Kyle Ezeard, 32, on Millwick Dr.

Vassel spent more than seven years in jail for the cold-blooded shooting death of pot dealer Husam Dagheim in 2007 in the parking lot of the Coliseum movie theatre near Square One in Mississauga. Vassel received a "life sentence" with no parole for at least 16 years.

- (Black-on-white) - (Canada)

      BLACK FAGS: Kentucky football coach arrested for sending explicit pictures to 15-year-old boy over Snapchat
black suspectHOPKINSVILLE, Ky. (WTVF) — A Christian County football coach is accused of sending explicit photos to a 15-year-old boy and asking for photos in return.

Hopkinsville police arrested 37-year-old Bryan Wimbleduff on Tuesday at the McDonald's on North Drive, where he works. Christian County Schools confirmed Wednesday that he was a paraprofessional football coach at Christian County Middle School. He has since resigned from that position.

Police said he contacted the victim through Snapchat and requested pictures of the teen's genitals and asked for him to masturbate in exchange for money. Wimbleduff is also accused of sending the 15-year-old graphic pictures of himself.

Wimbleduff was charged with prohibited use of electric communication to procure a minor, promoting a minor in sex performance, and distribution of obscene matter to minors, first offense.

    (black) Teen charged with murder in death of BANGLADESHI Muslim cabbie hit by his own car
black suspectPolice on Tuesday arrested a teenager who allegedly robbed a taxi driver in the Bronx Sunday night, causing the driver to chase after him and get fatally run over by his own car.

The 16-year-old (NEGRO), whose name was not released because he is a minor, was hit with murder and robbery charges for the caper, police said. He was awaiting arraignment Tuesday.

The driver, 65-year-old Mohammad Zafrullah, had just dropped off the suspect on Seward Avenue near Rosedale Avenue in Clason Point and was preparing to pull out when the teen walked around to the front, passenger-side window, reached in and grabbed his bag, sources said Monday.

Zafrullah got out of his car to chase down the thief — but didn’t put his car in park, according to sources.
As he moved behind the vehicle, it rolled backward, slamming the driver to the ground before continuing into a parked car, sources said.

    Police arrest group (of blacks) accused of funeral panhandling scam
black suspectsBEAUMONT, Calif.- - The Beaumont Police Department arrested four people accused of running a funeral panhandling scam.

The group was asking for money from drivers over the weekend along the area of 1st Street and Beaumont Avenue. Beaumont PD wrote that when a member of the department's Multiple Enforcement Team spoke with the group, they claimed they were trying to collect money for a family member's funeral. Once the officer started asking more questions, they admitted they were running a scam.

One of the scammers was wanted on a felony warrant for violation of parole. He was arrested and booked into the Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility, according to Beaumont PD. He and the three others also face charges for theft by false pretenses.

Police have not released the identities of any of the four suspects at this time.

    Black Sports: BLACK LESBIAN Sparks Guard Riquna Williams Suspended For Allegedly Assaulting Ex-Girlfriend
black suspectLOS ANGELES (CBSLA) — The WNBA has suspended L.A. Sparks guard Riquna Williams for ten games following allegations of domestic violence.
Williams was arrested April 29 in Florida for allegedly assaulting her ex-girlfriend. Deputies say after they separated the two, Williams grabbed a gun and pointed it at one of them before taking off in her car.

The incident didn’t stop the team from re-signing her a month after the arrest.

    Police Asking For Public’s Help Identifying BLACK Camden Sexual Assault Suspect
black suspectCAMDEN, N.J. (CBS) — Police are asking for the public’s help identifying a suspect accused of sexually assaulting a woman in Camden early Tuesday morning. Police say the sexual assault occurred around 4 a.m. on the 600 block of Kaighn Avenue in Camden. Police say the victim had spent time with the suspect earlier in the evening prior to the sexual assault. Police say the suspect is a black man between the ages of 30 and 40. He is approximately 5-foot-3 and has a thin to medium build.

    CHP Searching for (black) Man Who Beat Other Driver With Tire Iron in Long Beach Road Rage Incident
black suspectPolice are searching for a driver who beat another driver with a tire iron in a road rage incident in Long Beach on May 10. The beating happened on Interstate 605 southbound, south of Spring Street, around 7:55 p.m. on May 10, California Highway Patrol said in a news release. A white Chevrolet Silverado was in a crash with an unknown model Nissan sedan.

After the crash, both drivers exited the freeway at Willow Street and got out of their vehicles. The driver of the Nissan approached the driver of the Chevy Silverado and began beating the woman in the arms, chest, and face with a tire iron and his fists. The victim sustained major injuries and is now in the recovery process, CHP said.

The man then got back in the Nissan and fled west on Willow Street.
The Nissan is described as a late-model white four-door sedan, possibly a Sentra, Altima, or Maxima, displaying a pink Lyft light on the passenger side of the windshield.

The suspect is described as a 40-year-old black man
with a full beard, black hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a dark blue beanie with a white stripe, a blue shirt, black basketball shorts, and white tennis shoes.

    Novato, CA Police Seek (black) Suspect Who Robbed Woman At Gunpoint In Her Car
black suspectNOVATO (CBS SF) — Novato police are turning to the public for help in their search for a man who robbed a woman at gunpoint as she sat in her car Monday morning. Police were called just after 11 a.m. to a parking lot behind a business First Street and Grant Avenue, where a 45-year-old woman told them she was seated in her car when the robber opened the passenger door and pointed a handgun. The man took her money and credit cards and fled in a dark blue Volkswagen Tiguan.  The woman was uninjured. Police searched unsuccessfully for the robber, who is described as a black male in his late 20s or early 30s, about 5-foot-10 with a medium build.

    (black) Man sports 'I make this shirt look good' t-shirt during armed robbery
black suspectUPDATE 7/17: According to West Milwaukee Police, the suspect was identified and taken into custody on Tuesday after being recognized from a news article. The West Milwaukee Police Department is looking for help identifying a suspect wanted for a strong armed robbery at Martha's Vineyard Liquor on Miller Park Way. The incident took place on Saturday afternoon.  The suspect, sporting a pink "I make this shirt look good" t-shirt, selected a few Four Loko beverages, waited for the cash register to open and jumped the counter in an effort to empty the register.

    Hippopotamus-assed negress in negroid brawl at Disneyland's Toontown 
black suspectsblack suspectANAHEIM, Calif. (KABC) -- A violent melee in Disneyland was caught on camera. Anaheim police are investigating the video that was shot by bystanders and has now been seen by hundreds of thousands on social media.
The incident happened Saturday night in Toontown as an argument between family members escalated into a full-on brawl. The video shows a woman spit in a man's face. He retaliates by punching her, repeatedly.

Moments later that same man accuses another female relative of hitting his mother. He brutally attacks her, knocking her down and hitting her, over and over again. Anaheim police responded and interviewed family members. But officers say none of the victims was cooperative - and they were escorted from the park. Police became aware of the video Sunday, and say they are now pursuing a criminal case.

    Cops Arrest BLACK creep who lifted woman’s skirt at subway station

    BLACK Off-duty Pittsburgh Police Officer assassinated - shot three times in back
black suspect
Colleagues recall slain Pittsburgh Police Officer Hall as great servant and ambassador
Pittsburgh police Officer Calvin Hall died.  Hall died at UPMC Presbyterian hospital in the city’s Oakland neighborhood earlier in the day, three days after he was shot three times in the back while off-duty Sunday in the city’s Homewood neighborhood. He was 36. Hall’s cousin, Dion Bowles, 37, said that he was at a bar around the corner when he heard that Hall had been shot while at a neighborhood block party.

Hall apparently was attempting to deescalate an argument that had erupted between others whom he did not know, according to Bowles. “He was trying to stop people from arguing and fighting. He’s still an officer of the law, that’s still his job. Even though he wasn’t working, he was working,” Bowles said while consoling a few dozen family members and friends outside the hospital’s main entrance.

He was a model officer': Off-duty officer shot while visiting friends has died
PITTSBURGH - Off-duty police officer Calvin Hall, who was shot early Sunday morning in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood, has died, officials confirmed Wednesday. Hall, 36, was at a house on Monticello Street visiting friends when he was shot three times in the back, according to investigators. He died Wednesday at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital.

    How communities are addressing violence against women in BLACK South Africa

    We now have a picture of the white woman that was killed by her black freeloader boyfriend that she was trying to evict
black suspectwhite victimwhite victim(gofundme site) Paying tribute to Nancy
Their names were Nancy Russo Eads, age 56, and Lisa Ferraro, age 32. They were shot while trying to evict Nancy's boyfriend from the house. They lost their lives trying to protect themselves - (Black-on-white)

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

POLL: Majority of Mexicans Supports Deportation of Central American Migrants

    HISPANIC Perv accused of 4 separate sex attacks in the Bronx

    Off-duty correction officer stabbed (by Spanic & black) while trying to break up bar brawl
mud suspect A city correction officer was stabbed while trying to break up a brawl between a bouncer and a pair of unruly customers at a Brooklyn bar, law enforcement sources and officials said Wednesday.
Jaheem Smith, 41, was off-duty and at Angry Wade’s at the corner of Butler and Smith streets in Boerum Hill around 3 a.m. Saturday when he spotted the guard struggling with two patrons and tried to help, police said. The 30-year-old bouncer was trying to escort the irate customers out of the bar when they stabbed him twice in the left side of his torso, cops said. When Smith stepped in, the enraged pair turned their attention to him — also stabbing him in the torso.

Smith was taken to Methodist Hospital in stable condition. The bar worker was also taken to the hospital with a collapsed lung. The patrons, identified as 27-year-old Genesis Cano and Andrae Hall, 33, were each charged with attempted murder and multiple counts of assault, cops said. Police sources said Hall had also made anti-gay statements during the encounter.

    DARK female Cuban City worker sentenced for stealing over $300K to put hex on her ex
mud suspect A former city Human Resources Administration employee who admitted to stealing more than $300,000 intended for needy New Yorkers — using a portion of the funds to arrange a “supernatural curse” to be placed on her ex-boyfriend — has been sentenced to two years in prison.

Eliana Bauta, 36, admitted to working together with two other HRA employees to steal emergency benefits funds from the agency and dole them out to friends and relatives.

Bauta and the two HISPANIC employees, Geraldine Perez and Eric Gonzales, also ran a scheme in which they took checks intended for benefit recipients and deposited them into their own accounts, officials said.

    EGYPTIAN Father intentionally drove sons off California pier, killing them: Prosecutors
mud suspect A (EGYPTIAN) California father intentionally drove his wife and children off a pier, killing his two sons with autism, in an effort to collect accidental death insurance, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Ali Elmezayen, 44, was charged with two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder for killing his two young sons in 2015 when he allegedly drove the family's car off the pier at the Port of Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office said.

His sons, 8-year-old Abdelkrim and 13-year-old Elhassan, drowned in the April 2015 crash, but Elmezayen's wife survived thanks to a fisherman who came to her rescue.

    Reading Mayor Calls Off Ceremony to Raise (Satanic) LGBTQ Pride Flag at City Hall
The mayor of the eastern Pennsylvania city of Reading called off a scheduled ceremony to raise the blasphemous LGBTQ rainbow flag over City Hall for the first time, calling it a political symbol.

Acting Managing Director Osmer Deming said Mayor Wally Scott believes the SODOMITE "pride flag" represents a political movement and flying it is against city policy.

PRO-HOMO Council president Jeffrey Waltman Sr. said he found out just before arriving for the ceremony Monday evening and tried unsuccessfully to change the mayor's mind.

The LGBT Center of Greater Reading blasted the decision, saying "what was supposed to be a proud and historical moment" became "blatant, unacceptable discrimination."

    Crookston Diocese Reaches $5M Settlement With 15 Victims
CROOKSTON, Minn. (AP) — The Diocese of Crookston has reached a $5 million settlement with 15 people who were children when they were sexually abused by priests.

As part of the settlement, the diocese agreed to make public the names and files of clergy who have been accused of abuse. That information will be released at a later date.

Victims’ attorney Jeff Anderson said Wednesday that the settlement brings some closure for survivors and is a step in the right direction. The diocese says that while victims can never be fully compensated, it hopes the settlement can offer healing and justice.

Most of the 15 victims sued the diocese under a 2013 law that gave victims of childhood sexual abuse a three-year window to bring lawsuits against abusers. With the settlement, the diocese avoided filing for bankruptcy.

    Another man says he was sex slave at Bronx juvenile detention center 

Israeli flag
Former IT contractor for Jeffrey Epstein says he quit over concerns about revealing pictures and topless young women
Israeli flag
Jeffrey Epstein "jewish" rich person that stocked his personal island with young girls - recent headlines

    Philadelphia’s Mayor Jim "Banana Nose" Kenney Says ‘...Donald Trump should go to hell'

    Florida city playing 'Baby Shark' and 'Raining Tacos' on loop to drive homeless people away

    Black sheriff's deputy in Ohio sues after white IRS security guard put a gun to his back


    Illinois gas station worker suspended after telling Latino customers 'ICE will come'
In an exchange caught on video and posted to social media, the attendant also says Latinos "need to go back to their country."
Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!


    Los Angeles, California cities 'overrun by rodents' (and illegal aliens) that pose public health epidemic, study says
a rat falling from the ceiling of a Buffalo Wild Wings onto the menu of a patron - "California is being overrun by rodents,"
Rodents (and illegal aliens) can carry dangerous diseases such as typhus, plague and salmonella

    50th Anniversary Moon Landing : Giant Leap Forward for Schutzstaffel (SS)
Wernher Magnus Maximilian Freiherr von Braun
(March 23, 1912 – June 16, 1977) was a German-American aerospace engineer[3] and space architect. He was the leading figure in the development of rocket technology in Germany and a pioneer of rocket technology and space science in the United States.[4]

While in his twenties and early thirties, von Braun worked in Nazi Germany's rocket development program. He helped design and develop the V-2 rocket at Peenemünde during World War II. Following the war, he was secretly moved to the United States, along with about 1,600 other German scientists, engineers, and technicians, as part of Operation Paperclip. He worked for the United States Army on an intermediate-range ballistic missile (IRBM) program, and he developed the rockets that launched the United States' first space satellite Explorer 1.

His group was assimilated into NASA, where he served as director of the newly formed Marshall Space Flight Center and as the chief architect of the Saturn V super heavy-lift launch vehicle that propelled the Apollo spacecraft to the Moon.[5][6] In 1975, von Braun received the National Medal of Science. He advocated a human mission to Mars.

16 July 2019

Front Page for 01 May 2019 - Archived New Nation News - Archives

    UPDATE: Police arrest, charge third (BLACK) killer ("suspect") in South Asheville shooting death
black suspectsWhite victimASHEVILLE, N.C. (WLOS) — A third person has been arrested in connection with a South Asheville homicide that happened Thursday. Asheville police say that as a result of the investigation into the location of Marteise Jovan Hines, they developed evidence Friday to arrest and charge 22-year-old Isaac R. White of Asheville with one count of accessory after the fact to first-degree murder.

White is currently in custody at the Buncombe County Detention Center.
The Asheville Police Department also arrested 23-year-old Hines, whom police had previously described as armed and dangerous. Hines was taken into custody by Buncombe County Sheriff’s Deputies in Swannanoa just after 3 p.m. on Friday. A BCSO representative said deputies went to a residence to serve a search warrant, and Hines surrendered.

He is charged with first-degree murder, armed robbery, attempted breaking and entering and possession of a firearm by a felon in connection with the death of 37-year-old Justin Marshall Spry Thursday on Reed Street. There is a another suspect in the investigation. Arrest warrants from the Asheville Police Department show 17-year-old Zamar Daequan Scott is also in custody, charged in the same incident with felony first-degree murder, felony attempted breaking and entering and misdemeanor possession of a handgun by a minor.   - (Black-on-white)

    Baltimore Police Department Sgt. Bill Shiflett Injured, Two Dead In Shooting At Baltimore Methadone Clinic
black suspect White victimBALTIMORE (WJZ) — Two people are dead, including the suspect, and two people, including a Baltimore City police sergeant, were injured in a shooting at a drug rehabilitation center in Baltimore Monday morning.

Police responded to a report of an active shooter situation at a methadone clinic in the 2100 block of Maryland Avenue around 7:09 a.m. When officers arrived they were told by people outside that there was a person inside with a gun who had fired shots inside the building. The officers entered the building and encountered an armed person, who they told to drop the weapon, but instead, the suspect opened fire on the officers.
The officers returned fire, but one was shot by the suspect. Another officer dragged the sergeant to safety.
Sgt. Bill Shiflett, 51, was shot in the abdomen and immediately taken into surgery at Shock Trauma. That sergeant is now recovering from surgery. Shiflett, a 25-year-veteran of the force, was wearing a bullet-proof vest at the time of the shooting, but the bullet was fired below the vest, Commissioner Michael Harrison said. The suspect was transported to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead. A gun was found on the scene.

Another man was found with multiple gunshot wounds inside the clinic in a separate room. He was rushed to an area hospital where he died from his injuries. A staffer also sustained non-life threatening injuries. Witnesses say the suspect allegedly tried to steal medication from the clinic before opening fire. - (Black-on-white)

    (black) Man faces murder charge in death of 1-year-old in Saginaw County
black suspectSAGINAW, MI — A Saginaw County man is formally charged in connection with the death of a 1-year-old child.
Brandon A. Mannie, 25, was arraigned on a murder charge by Saginaw County District Court Judge A.T. Frank on Monday, July 15.

Prosecutors allege that Mannie killed the infant on July 10 at a home in the 2800 block of North Michigan Avenue in Carrollton Township. Saginaw County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Mark J. Gaertner said that the investigation is ongoing.

Shortly after news of the homicide and arrest, social media began sharing reports that the infant had been burned to death with boiling water, however, Gaertner said that those reports are not accurate.

“The child was not scalded to death,” Gaertner said Monday. “There was some scalding, but that was not the cause of death.”

Gaertner said they are awaiting toxicology reports to determine the child’s actual cause of death.

Prosecutors allege Mannie assaulted the child, Darryn Mann, and the boy’s mother intervened and was assaulted as well. She went to a neighbor’s home and called 911 and when responders arrived they found the infant deceased, authorities said.

Mannie was taken into custody and other children were taken to the hospital to be evaluated.

A funeral for the infant will be held at noon on Wednesday, July 17 at Squires Funeral Chapel, 211 N. Henry St in Bay City.

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

    (black) Sex offender, tenant of (blacktivist) Sadie Roberts-Joseph arrested in killing of Baton Rouge icon
black suspectRonn Jermaine Bell was about two months behind on rent when his landlady, Baton Rouge civil rights activist Sadie Roberts-Joseph, was found suffocated in the trunk of her car behind an abandoned house last Friday.

Baton Rouge police announced Tuesday that Bell, 38, has been arrested on a count of first-degree murder. The announcement brought some sense of justice to Roberts-Joseph's friends and relatives after several days of speculation about who could be responsible for ending the life of someone so generous and beloved within the community.

Bell's criminal record includes a child rape case in the early 2000s. Police said he was already in jail — taken into custody Monday — for violating sex offender registration requirements when he was identified as a suspect in this case.
Baton Rouge Police Chief Murphy Paul mentioned that Bell owed about $1,200 in unpaid rent, but said an official motive hasn't been determined in the ongoing investigation.

"There's no information which leads us to believe this is a hate crime."   Bell's DNA was found on Roberts-Joseph's body
Another arrest warrant signed Monday shows that Bell was booked into jail for failing to pay the $60 annual registration fee required for registered sex offenders.  Bell was arrested in 2006 and accused of raping a child in 2004, when she was 9 years old and he was 23. He was charged with aggravated rape but ultimately pleaded guilty to sexual battery and was sentenced to seven years in prison. That's what made him a registered sex offender.

Roberts-Joseph, 75, founded the Baton Rouge African American history museum in 2001. She became known as a tireless advocate for the city's black community.

    (black) New Britain man arrested for abusing dog
black suspectNEW BRITAIN, CT (WFSB) – A New Britain man was arrested for animal cruelty after a dog was found to have multiple injuries.
In April, officers responded to a home on Bassett Street for a verbal domestic dispute. The incident involved Christopher Vantull, the owner of a pit bull named “Socks” and another tenant.
The tenant told police they were upset that Vantull was allowing the dog to urinate and defecate inside the home. No action was taken at the time, but officers did note on scene the dog cowered when Vantull went near it.

A few days later, a New Britain animal control officers followed up on the case and discovered Vantull had relinquished Socks to a rescue group in New Haven. When the New Britain ACO contacted the group, the ACO was advised Socks was turned over with visible injuries. The rescue group was concerned for the dog’s well-being and had scheduled an appointment with a veterinarian. The vet had concluded that Socks had multiple fractures consistent with blunt force trauma.

When questioned, Vantull told the ACO he hit the dog once by accident and another time when he disciplined the dog.
The injuries confirmed by two separate vets that they were consistent with abuse.
On July 12, Vantull was arrested for cruelty to animals and was held on a $100,00 bond.

    (black) Air Force Reserve major charged with wife’s murder attempted to hide body beneath dead cow
black suspect AUSTIN, Texas — Air Force Reserve Maj. Andre McDonald attempted to hide his wife’s body with the remains of a dead cow in a rural area miles from their San Antonio home where he is believed to have killed her, according to Bexar County court documents.

McDonald, 40, was arrested and charged by the county sheriff’s office on Saturday with the murder of his wife Andreen McDonald, 29, whose remains were found Thursday on private property about 6 miles from the couple’s home, according to court records. Andreen McDonald was last seen Feb. 28.

Andre McDonald was charged and arrested in March for tampering with evidence after he reported his wife missing. Evidence found in the home at that time showed he purchased items such as an axe, shovel and hatchet the day after she was reported missing and then he tried to destroy the receipt. He was released on bond and under house arrest when Andreen McDonald’s body was found and he was subsequently taken into custody again.

Details in the court records also revealed Andre McDonald attempted to set fire to the area where his wife’s remains were found and the couple’s daughter might have witnessed the events. 

    Hispanic Capitol Police officer Ryan Gonzalez arrested in Manhattan for brutal attack on his wife 

     Judge tells accuser’s mom to ‘keep your mouth shut’ during HOMO sex assault hearing
The mom was in court on June 28 for a hearing in John Angeline’s case.
Angeline, 44, an ex-English teacher at South Plainfield High School, is charged with HOMOsexually assaulting the woman’s son when he was 15 on numerous occasions between 2010 and 2013. None of the alleged assaults occurred at the school.  The mom complained that she and her son, who was by her side that day, have endured four and a half years of “constant delays and pushbacks” as the case wound through court. She then identified herself as the victim’s mother when the judge asked her who she and her son were.

    (black, negro, colored) Congressional Representative John Lewis - in the news...
black suspectblack suspectblack suspectThis article is about the U.S. Representative from Georgia. , serving in his 17th term in the House, having served since 1987,  His district includes the northern three-fourths of Atlanta. His parents were sharecroppers. At the age of six, Lewis had seen only two white people in his life.  Lewis was arrested and jailed many times.

15 July 2019

    EVIL BLACK Philadelphia Man Sentenced To 115 Years In 2006 Slaying Of (Hispanic) Gloucester County Father
black suspectWOODBURY, N.J. (AP) — A Philadelphia man has been sentenced to 115 years in prison in the murder of a New Jersey father authorities said was killed as his captive children listened. Superior Court Judge Kevin Smith imposed the sentence on John Blocker during an emotional hearing Friday.

Authorities said four assailants seeking money in 2006 tied up the three children of 36-year-old Juan Cuevas Sr. of Washington Township and held them until Cuevas and his wife returned from their Philadelphia auto parts business.

Blocker, 46, the only person charged, was convicted in May of murder, aggravated manslaughter, robbery, burglary and kidnapping. The youngest of the Cuevas children, now in his 20s but 14 at the time, told the court that his father had been “brutally murdered … due to the evilness” of the defendant, recalling entering his home and having a gun pointed at his head.

Authorities said Cuevas Sr. was taken to an upstairs bedroom, where he was beaten and tortured with a clothing iron. At one point, the assailants brought his daughter in and threatened to shoot her, they said. After they left, the teens freed themselves and tried in vain to revive their father. They can describe smelling something burning, which ultimately was the iron that was on Juan Cuevas Sr.’s back.”

      BLACK FAGS: Homeless Seattle man accused of luring teenagers with drugs, raping them
black suspectSEATTLE - A 60-year-old Seattle man who lists a homeless shelter as his address was charged in King County Superior Court with second and third-degree rape of a child.  The sexual assaults were alleged to have happened in the early morning of July 4 in Seattle’s Cal Anderson Park.   In charging documents, prosecutors said Edward Charles Smithsupplied drugs to two runaways ages 13 and 14, and then raped them both, one vaginally, one orally.

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (black mouth-breathing retard) Former Georgetown basketballer Victor Page sentenced for attempted sexual assault
black suspectA former Georgetown basketballer Victor Page, is headed to prison.

Victor Page was sentenced to 25 years – with five years suspended – for attempting to sexually assault an underage victim. In June, Page pleaded guilty to first-degree assault and attempted fourth-degree sex offense.

A native of the D.C. area, Page has an extensive criminal history, including assault, indecent exposure, and sex offense. In the most recent instance, Page's victim was his girlfriend's 17-year-old daughter. Page barged into the girl's bedroom and pushed her to the ground, strangled her, and started pulling her clothing off. She escaped into the parking garage, but Page caught up with her, forced her to the ground, and began strangling her again. Three people had pull Page off of the victim.

    (black) Uber driver accused of sexual assault in Fairfield
black suspectFAIRFIELD — An Uber driver has been arrested on accusations that he sexually assaulted a female passenger.
The girl used the ride sharing service for a trip from Stonewall Lane in Fairfield when the driver, Dwaine Miller, 31, “made unwanted sexual contact” with her, as well as “overt sexual advances,” Fairfield police said.
Recommended Video The father of the juvenile passenger reported the sexual assault to police on Saturday.
Miller, who lives in Bridgeport, is a convicted felon with numerous arrests including robbery, assault and burglary, Fairfield police said. Miller was charged with sexual assault in the third degree and is scheduled to appear in Bridgeport Superior Court on July 26.

    New York City Cops hunt for black doo-ragged creep who lifted woman’s skirt at subway station
black suspectA creep followed a woman up the stairs at a Bronx subway station, lifted her skirt when they reached the street and then laughed when she confronted him, cops said.

The 26-year-old victim told cops the man pulled up her skirt around 5 p.m. July 9 at the 3rd Avenue-East 149th Street subway station. The pervert then walked to the nearby BX41 bus stop at 148th Street — but not before she snapped a photograph of him.

He is described as about 20 years old, 5 feet 5 and was last seen wearing a dark do-rag, a black shirt, black sweatpants, green socks, black slip-on sandals and a black backpack.

    Police Arrest (black) Man Accused Of Attempted Rape, Assault
black suspectPITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A Central Northside man wanted on sexual assault charges has been arrested.
The Pittsburgh Police say Michael Ponton, 53, faces charges of criminal attempt rape, aggravated assault, simple assault, terroristic threats and strangulation. They say the assault happened hours before his arrest, which happened around 3:30 a.m. this morning.

     (Black footballer) Giants’ Kamrin Moore arrested for punching woman unconscious
black suspectNew York Giants player Kam Moore cold-cocked a paramour and stepped on her neck so hard it left bruises during a love-triangle brawl outside his home on Thursday that led to his arrest and suspension, according to the team and law-enforcement authorities.

“New York Giants safety Kamrin Moore was arrested over the weekend in Linden, New Jersey, for an alleged domestic violence-related incident. Moore has been suspended by the team pending further investigation,” the Giants tweeted Monday. The victim, identified in a criminal complaint as “H.P.,” had been seeing the (double-timing promiscuous black footballer) since January and decided to drop by his New Jersey house Thursday after he did not respond to her text messages.

But when she got there, another woman — identified by Moore’s lawyers as his “girlfriend” — came out to confront her and the pair began scrapping, according to the criminal complaint filed in Linden City municipal court.

Moore, 22, first “watched while they assaulted each other” but then, when gal-pal H.P. fell to the ground, the 200-lb. safety “placed his foot on her neck and applied pressure,” the court papers charge.

    (black) Woman arrested 9 times being sought, ‘continues to break the law’
black suspectCHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A woman who has been arrested multiple times is being sought as she “continues to break the law,” Charlotte-Mecklenburg police say. Shakeitha Harris has been arrested nine times in Mecklenburg County. Her criminal history includes attempted murder, aggravated assault with a weapon, armed robbery and conspiracy-armed robbery, police say.  “We need your help to get her off the streets,” police tweeted of Harris Monday. Anyone with information on Harris’ whereabouts is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600.

    (black) SC man accused of abandoning chained dogs with no food, water after one dies
black suspectROCK HILL, S.C. (WBTV) - A man was arrested Tuesday after deputies say he left two dogs chained up and abandoned on a property in Rock Hill, leading to one of the animal’s death. The investigation began on March 5 when deputies were called to a property on Lesslie Highway for reports of one deceased and one malnourished dog. The person who reported the dogs told officials they believed the animals had been there for at least three weeks.

**WARNING: Graphic details included below.**

When the deputies got to the property, they found one dog chained to a telephone pole with no food, water or shelter. The dog, which had scrapes and scratches all over its body, “appeared to be sick and starving, due to it being very skinny and its ribs were showing,” the report states.

Another dog on the property, chained to a tree, was deceased. Officials said it appeared that it “had been lying there for a while.” That dog also had ribs showing, and had no food, water or shelter nearby.

After multiple phone calls, deputies were able to get in contact with the owner of the dogs and the man renting the property, 28-year-old Micah Jawayne Cunningham. He told deputies, the report states, that he had put the dogs there “to guard the property” roughly two weeks earlier.

    (DARK COMPLECTED Negro) Suspect images released after alleged robbery, sex assault at downtown condo building
black suspects Toronto police have released images of two suspects wanted in connection with the violent robbery and sexual assault of a woman at a downtown condo building in the Fashion District.

The incident happened in the area of Bathurst and King streets at around 12:45 a.m. on July 10, Toronto police said.

According to investigators, a 19-year-old woman was entering the elevator of a condominium building when two men entered the elevator behind her.  A struggle ensued when one of the men tried to grab the teen’s cell phone, police said.

When he wasn’t able to get the phone, the man allegedly pulled out a gun and robbed her.

Police said the woman was then violently dragged out of the elevator and sexually assaulted by both men in a nearby stairwell.

The man then went to the underground parking garage and fled in a vehicle.

The first suspect is described as a male in his early 20s. He stands between five-foot-eight and five-foot-ten. He is black, with a dark complexion, medium build, brown eyes, moustache and chin hair. He was wearing a navy blue or black baseball cap with a white symbol on the front, a black short-sleeve shirt with vertical white stripes with a red and white star on the right arm, blue jeans, white “Gucci” brand sneakers, and “Gucci” brand Sunglasses.

The second suspect is described as being in his early 20s, between five-foot-eight and five-foot-ten. He is black with a dark complexion and has a medium build, brown eyes, moustache and goatee and corn row braids in his hair. He was wearing a brown and beige camouflaged hooded sweatshirt, black baggy pants, and dark coloured shoes. - (Canada)

    (black) Utah negro arrested for killing infant son
black suspectWEST VALLEY CITY, Utah (KSTU) -- A man was arrested Friday for beating his son to death, police say.
Shawn Malik Johnson, 23, faces charges of child abuse homicide and obstruction of justice in connection to the death of his 5.5-month-old son.
West Valley City Police responded to a report that the child was not breathing early Friday morning. According to police, Johnson initially claimed he took his son on a walk, and he became unresponsive after they returned. At the hospital, medical personnel found injuries to the child’s head, including a fractured skull, brain hemorrhaging and bruising. Police say that during an interview, it became apparent that he was responsible for the injuries.

    According to police, Johnson initially blamed the child’s injuries on his brother who had autism. He later admitted to lying and told police he punched the child, threw a metal bottle at his head and dropped him about 15 feet onto concrete.

    80-year-old Pa. man wanted in (black) wife's death arrested in Colorado
PALMER TWP, Pa. (WPVI) -- An 80-year-old Northampton County, Pennsylvania man wanted in the shooting death of his wife was found in a hotel in Colorado.
Authorities were searching for Edgar Himel since his wife was found dead inside their Palmer Township home last week. Palmer police received word that Himel was staying at hotels off the Route 80 corridor in Nebraska and was traveling east. Law enforcement in Nebraska and Wyoming were notified that Himel was wanted for homicide.
It was discovered on Friday that Himel was staying at a hotel in Sterling, Colorado.
Sterling police confirmed a Nissan Rogue belonging to Himel's wife, 66-year-old Penny VanTassel-Himel, was parked in the hotel's lot.Himel was taken into custody and held as a fugitive in Colorado, pending extradition to Pennsylvania on the charge of Criminal Homicide.  (Editor note: suspect appears white - surname most popular in Bangladesh - but he doesn't look 'Bangladeshi'

    Lawyer for abuse victims demands Roman Catholic New York Archdiocese release ‘predator priest’ data
A lawyer representing childhood victims of alleged sex abuse on Monday demanded the Archdioceses of New York release “secret files” on “predator priests” — before a one-year statute of limitations rule expires. In the yet-to-be released documents, more than 500 priests have been identified as child abusers, Herman said. “That’s the tip of the iceberg,” he proclaimed. “There’s probably over a thousand priests there may be files on.”

Israeli flag
Alleged victims confront 'alleged suspect' Jeffrey Epstein in court
Annie Farmer said she was 16 when Epstein had her sent to New Mexico where he was “inappropriate” with her.
Courtney Wild told the judge she was 14 when Epstein sexually abused her in Palm Beach, Florida.

    Trump steps up attack on 'US-hating' congresswomen
"If you are not happy, if you are complaining all the time, you can leave," he told a heated news conference outside the White House. On Sunday Mr Trump called on the women, who are from ethnically diverse backgrounds, to "go back".
Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!
  Palestinians Denounce Trump Tweets Against Hometown Hero

    Beto O'Rourke: My wife and I have slave-owners as ancestors
Who is "BETO" O'Rourke - (the younger brother of ALPHA O'Rourke?) (family of Irish bootleggers?)

    Colored Democratic Socialist running for president Kamala Harris descended from Slave Owners

Kamala Harris was born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland, California, to a Tamil Indian mother and a 1/2 white Jamaican father.

She grew up going to both a black Baptist church and a Hindu temple
Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris is descended from Irish slave owner Hamilton Brown, the namesake of Brown’s Town in Jamaica, who recruited massive numbers of Irish migrants to Jamaica to work on his sugar plantations after the British empire abolished slavery.” (Oh, so Kamala is ALSO IRISH!) KAMALA & "BETO" both from Irish slave owners)

    A Chinese Diplomat Got Called Racist For Tweeting About DC While Defending Muslim Internment Camps
    Chinese diplomat points to DC racial segregation, gets slammed as ‘racist disgrace’ by Obama adviser

    "Double Jeopardy"? - James Alex Fields Jr., driver in deadly Charlottesville car attack, gets second life sentence

    Clintons sex problem: The Epstein, Buck, Weinstein NXIVM sex scandals
NEW YORK, NY: Convicted pedophile, Democrat fundraiser, and Clinton donor. Also, the once again indicted sex trafficking offender.  Jeffrey Epstein sits two cells over from El Chapo at the Federal Detention facility in Manhattan. Epstein’s relationships with Bill Clinton and their 27 flights together on the “Lolita Express” leaves the former President exposed to all kinds of innuendo and potential criminal indictment. It is another Clinton Sex Scandal. (MORE DIRT,  MUCH MORE

    Founder of "neo-Nazi" site Daily Stormer should pay $14 million to victim of 'troll storm,' judge says
With the support of the (NOTORIOUS) Southern Poverty Law Center....

    Two elderly (White) women at a Burger King tell fat loud-mouth Hispanic manager to 'go back to Mexico': Video

    South Bend police officer who fatally shot black man resigns

    Tennessee police warn not to flush drugs down toilet for fear of creating 'meth-gators'

    Swedes are getting implants in their hands to replace cash, credit cards
Rev 13:17
And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

    Facebook Billionaire (& Trump supporter) accuses Google of being in cahoots with the CHINESE MILITARY
Peter Thiel says FBI, CIA should probe Google

    NYPD union boss urges members to ‘stand shoulder-to-shoulder’ with ICE
“I further encourage you to NOT leave any ICE Agent abandoned if in need of assistance and to stand shoulder to shoulder with each agent so that they too can return home safely to their families,” Mullins further states. “They are members of law enforcement just like you and we must never participate in the politics being applied upon our duty to uphold the law.”

    Miscellaneous commentary links: 'views not necessarily...'

 H. Millard

    How Norway Dealt With Antifa

    Conspiracy Theorists (Pastor Charles Lawson)

    Is it true that Albert Pike (Freemason, Confederate officer - wrote a letter predicting/plotting three world wars?

14 July 2019

    Body of missing Hispanic/Latina woman hidden inside hotel bed frame (by black boyfriend) went unnoticed for days
black suspect and his victimAUSTIN, Texas (KEYE) - Austin Police say the body of a woman who went missing last week was found hidden in a hotel bed frame and had gone unnoticed for three days, despite housekeepers and police entering the room.

The body of San Juana Macias, 40, was discovered July 9 at a Roadway Inn off Hwy 290 after Jamie Wingwood, 40, told investigators to look under the mattress in the "box."

Macias' body was found wrapped in a fitted bed sheet inside the bed frame.
Wingwood was arrested in Louisiana after an hour-long chase that ended in a crash with officers.
According to an affidavit, Austin police investigators drove to Louisiana to interview Wingwood. That's when he allegedly confessed to killing Macias, and told detectives he had left her in Room 219.

Officers and Texas Rangers searched the room, not finding Macias. Denying he removed her from there, Wingwood allegedly whispered to the detective to have officers look under the mattress.
That area had previously gone unnoticed by cleaning staff and investigators.
Macias' body had obvious head and face trauma, police say.

Family members said Wingwood dated Macias for about three years.
Macias' daughter Andrea Tealer claims he threatened her one day before she went missing.
"He basically told her on Fourth of July that he was going to -- you know she had so many hours to live that he was going to kill her," says Tealer.
The affidavit states that same day Macias went missing, Wingwood’s sister called police saying she believed her brother had killed his girlfriend, and that he sent her a text message that read "I love you always. I'm fixing to be gone for forever. I really f---ed up this time. I'm leaving town. Right now."

Dangers of interracial dating * MISCEGENATION KILLS
(Sex with a black is SUICIDAL)

      BLACK FAGS: Brooklyn teacher admits to HOMO-sexually abusing 14-year-old male student
black suspectblack suspectA former Brooklyn educator has admitted to sexually abusing a 14-year-old student on seven separate occasions while on school grounds.

Andre Braddy, a once-beloved teacher at the Lenox Academy middle school in Canarsie, pleaded guilty Wednesday to 14 felonies for the sickening conduct, including criminal sex act in the second-degree and promoting a sexual performance of a child.

The 35-year-old admitted to each act before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Jill Konvisor, who offered him four years behind bars in exchange for the plea — over the objection of prosecutors, who wanted him to serve at least five.

“This is a case which involves a 14-year-old child being sexually assaulted on seven different occasions in a school building during school hours,” Assistant DA Bridget Brodzinski said as she opposed the deal. “This defendant was in a position of trust with a student and had a sexual relationship with a minor.”  

Braddy abused the student, whose name is being withheld by The Post, myriad times between March 19 and April 20, 2018. The illicit contact occurred in classrooms and the school bathroom, according to court records.

The ex-teacher was arrested after the boy told his mother, who found sexually explicit messages between the two on her son’s phone.

    (obscene rutting throwback black bug-eyed boogie-man) arrested after exposing himself in front of 40 young children
black suspect MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- A convicted sex offender is back in jail, accused of exposing himself to dozens of young children outside a pre-school playground in Central Gardens.

Investigators say teachers saw Noah Burns, 56, standing near the playground Friday at Grace-St. Luke’s Episcopal School with his pants down, pleasuring himself in front of about 40 children.
The playground is gated, but according to court records, that didn’t stop Burns – a registered sex offender – from exposing and touching himself in full view of children ranging in age from 2 to 6.
Teachers reported Burns to police, and officers arrested him as he tried to walk away from the school.

    VICIOUS Long-necked, big-lipped Negro animal charged with attempted murder, sex assault in attack on girl in Chicago
black suspectCHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) - A man has been charged for allegedly stabbing a 15-year-old girl 41 times after he sexually assaulted her in a wooded area on the Far South Side last month.
Isaiha Nevitt, 19, turned himself in to police on July 3. His parents accompanied him to the station, a police source told the Chicago Sun-Times. Once the two were on Bishop, Nevitt grabbed her from behind and pushed her to the ground before sexually assaulting her. He then stabbed the girl in the head, neck and arm with a fixed blade kitchen knife, the police source said. The girl defended herself with a tree branch, and Nevitt ran off.

Police released surveillance photos of the suspect on June 24, showing a man wearing blue jeans and a black hooded sweatshirt. A family member of Nevitt’s saw the photos while watching TV news and realized he was the suspect in question.

    Police Offering Reward For Information Leading To Arrest Of black armed and dangerous Bank Robbery Suspect
black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Philadelphia Police are offering a reward for information leading to the arrest of a suspect wanted in connection to a Center City bank robbery. The incident happened around 12:45 p.m. at a Santander Bank at 11th and Market Streets on Friday. Police say the suspect entered the bank and passed a threatening note to the teller. After fleeing with cash, the suspect was seen entering Jefferson Station at 11th and Filbert Streets. The suspect is described as a black male in his 20s, approximately 5-foot-6 and thin.

    Dapper (black) ‘Burberry Bandit’ back robbing Manhattan banks: cops
black suspectManhattan’s “Burberry Bandit” is back. It’s only been five months since dapper robber Cornell Neilly was paroled from prison, but cops say he’s already back hitting banks. Neilly, 38, has been linked to seven Manhattan bank robberies in the two weeks from June 22 to July 3, police said. All but one were Chase Banks; the other was a Citibank.
Neilly gained local fame back in 2012, when he was busted for a string of 14 Manhattan bank heists.
He was caught on surveillance camera wearing a $250 Burberry shirt for some of the robberies, and later admitted to cops that he needed the cash to fuel his designer clothing shopping addiction.

Neilly also couldn’t spell. Police collected 13 of the bank robbery notes he’d handed to tellers, and discovered he’d spelled the word “robbery” wrong in 11 of them. “THIS IS A ROBBY,” some of his notes read.

    DARK Hispanic Federal prison guard convicted of raping inmate will get new trial
mud suspect A former Metropolitan Detention Center corrections officer accused of raping a female inmate is getting a new trial because prosecutors failed to turn over evidence that could potentially have exonerated him, according to court papers.
A jury convicted ex-guard Carlos Martinez in January 2018 of aggravated sexual abuse, sexual abuse of a ward, and other charges for the repeated rape of a woman identified in court as “Maria.”

The ex-guard was arrested alongside two other officers who were accused of sexually assaulting female inmates at the MDC — including Eugenio Perez, who was identified due to his distinctive, hooked-shaped penis. Perez was convicted at trial and is awaiting sentencing.

    ICE mass deportation raids underway: report
The round up is supposed to target 2,000 immigrants (ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINALS) who have been ordered deported in New York, Atlanta, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans and San Francisco.
Round em up - ship em out! - SEND THEM ALL BACK!

    FILIPINO or HISPANIC Public Safety Officer Dennis Fajardo Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Forcible Touching
mud suspect A Long Island woman claims a Patchogue public-safety officer sexually assaulted her.
She alleges she was walking on the village’s Main Street in April 2018 when Dennis Fajardo pulled up and ordered her into his car.
Fajardo, who does not carry a weapon, drove to a nearby parking lot and forced her to perform oral sex, according to her Brooklyn federal lawsuit against the officer and the village. He was arrested a month later after a different woman made similar allegations.

  DEMONIC SATANIC EVIL MUSLIMS:  Afghanistan: Child suicide bomber kills five, injures 40 in wedding attack
She moved from Canada to Somalia to tell positive stories, but ended up dead in a terrorist attack

Israeli flag
German Jewish group says news article 'fuels anti-Semitism'

    Israeli education minister favors gay 'conversion therapy'

    CHINESE NYC schools investigator alleges he was denied promotion because of race

    THEY HAVE NO DECENCY - "THE POWERS THAT MAKE MOVIES" are degrading  007 James Bond into NEGRESS
(well, at least she isn't 'TRANS" - thank the Devil for saving that for the sequel)

13 July 2019

    (White) Second victim dies in KCK deli shooting; prosecutors charge surly evil BLACK suspected gunman
black suspectWhite victimKANSAS CITY, Kan. — Police said Friday that a second victim died from a Wednesday shooting that happened at Edwards Original Corner Market and Deli, and a man is charged with killing both victims. Jermelle Byers, 39, is accused of killing 42-year-old Lachell Day and 62-year-old Dennis Edwards. In addition to first and second-degree murder charges, Byers also faces one count of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer and one count of aggravated assault.

Edwards owned the popular KCK deli at 91 N. Mill Street. His brother told FOX4 on Wednesday that chaos began with an argument between a man and a woman in an SUV. That man is allegedly Byers, the woman is Day.

When Day went inside the store to get something, Byers followed, went inside and started shooting. Edwards said his brother tried to chase Byers out, but he was killed.

“I’m super depressed. He’s my brother. I grew up in that home,” David Edwards said on Wednesday. “I’m gonna say he was the greatest person in the world. He helped people, people would ask for food… He would give it to them.”

Police arrived after the shooting and exchanged bullets with Byers after he pointed a handgun at them. No officers were hurt, and after a two-hour standoff, medics took him to an area hospital. He’s now in the Wyandotte County Jail and is being held on a $500,000 bond.

Day was originally declared dead at the scene, and police later said emergency responders found her with a faint pulse and took her to a hospital in critical condition. Police said on Friday afternoon that she passed away. - (Black-on-white)

    (surly devious drugged-up unkempt black) man admits to vehicular homicide charge for death of (White) road worker
black suspectWhite victimBILLINGS – A Billings man accused of killing a highway road crew member admitted Tuesday to a felony charge of negligent vehicular homicide.

Ethan James Anderson, 28 of Billings, appeared in Yellowstone County District Court for a change of plea hearing. He was charged last year for the death of 52-year-old Jeff Dykeman, a Montana Department of Transportation road worker who was struck by a truck on Oct. 24.

The crash happened at the I-90 off-ramp on South Billings Boulevard at exit 447 at approximately 3:30 p.m.
Anderson also changed his plea to guilty to two counts of criminal endangerment.
Prosecutors said Anderson was driving under the influence of Difluoroethane at the time of the crash and was severely impaired after ingesting or inhaling the substance.
Court documents also say during the execution of a search warrant a can of Dust-Off,  a dust cleaner that uses compressed gas, with a top detached was located in Anderson’s truck. The product contains Difluoroethane, a chemical known to cause a high if inhaled. The maximum penalty for vehicular homicide is (only) 30 years in prison.

Anderson is scheduled to appear in a special sentencing hearing in August before Judge Michael Moses. - (Black-on-white)

    Police search for dreadlocked black troll who attacked Hollywood hotel owner over parking spot
black suspect White victimHOLLYWOOD, FLA. (WSVN) - Police are searching for the person caught on camera attacking a hotel owner in Hollywood over a private parking spot during Memorial Day weekend.
Video released by Hollywood Police showed the victim speaking to the man who then walked up to him and started beating him.
The victim, who identified himself as Rudy, spoke with 7News about the May 25 incident on Friday.
“It’s amazing how people can do that, plus I was senior citizen. Next year I’m going to be 70 years old,” he said.
The subject, seen sporting dreadlocks and wearing a red T-shirt and black shorts, was apparently one of those people.
“He was smoking a joint, and he told me that, because I was so nice to him, he would go ahead and leave, but after he finished his joint,” said Rudy, “so I told him, ‘You can’t smoke because I’ve got a hotel full of people and kids here. The smell is everywhere. You can’t do that.'”
 “Before I know it, he came back behind me, and he sucker punched me,” he said.
The footage showed the driver pummeling Rudy with his fists as the victim knelt on the ground trying to shield himself from the blows.
“I can’t defend myself like I used to, when I was in my 20s and 30s,” said Rudy.
The attack left Rudy badly bruised on his throat and neck. He said he’s OK but still suffers from blurry vision and may have even suffered a concussion.
Some area residents said they don’t feel safe anymore.

black suspectSEATTLE — A 60-year-old homeless NIGGER is accused of supplying drugs to and then raping two young runaways on July 4.

According to court documents, Edward Smith approached three teens in Cal Anderson Park offering them methamphetamine. The teens declined. The teens were drinking at the park near the soccer fields.

He kept going back to the teens throughout their time at the park, eventually bringing the group of homeless teens a tent that was already constructed. All of them got in the tent, but soon after one of the teens left.

Smith offered the teens, 13-year-old-girl and a 14-year-old boy, meth again, and passed around a pipe.
The 13-year-old left the tent to use the restroom and when she got back the 14-year-old was being orally raped.
He then vaginally raped the 13-year-old, causing her injuries. Both teens reported the sexual assault right away.

They were both brought to Harborview Medical Center for rape investigation.
Police went searching at Cal Anderson Park for the suspect. They found him in a tent.
When Smith was arrested, he had methamphetamine in his possession.

Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

      BLACK FAGS: Church youth leader charged with soliciting nude photos, sex from kids he met at church
black suspectCHICAGO (Sun-Times Media Wire) - A youth leader at a South Side church has been charged with trying to solicit nude photos, videos and sex acts from children over social media.

Desmond Holcombe Jr., 20, turned himself in at 10:25 a.m. Thursday at the Harrison District police station, 3151 W. Harrison St., the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Holcombe is charged with two counts of indecent solicitation, two counts of grooming, two counts of indecent solicitation of a child over the internet and one count of solicitation of child pornography, Chicago police said.

Judge Arthur Wesley Willis set Holcombe’s bail at $100,000 at his initial hearing Friday on the charges, noting that it was Holcombe’s first arrest. But he said Holcombe was “in a position of power and superiority” over the boys, who prosecutors had said he met through his role as a youth leader at Christ Unity Evangelistic Church, 208 E. 61st St.

Holcombe was identified by the two 14-year-old boys as the man who contacted them on social media between January and March to request nude photos and videos, police said.

He also allegedly paid one $200 for a pornographic video and offered to give him more more and an iPhone in exchange for sex. Even though one of the victims told him three times he was only 14, Holcombe continued to pursue him, prosecutors.

    (black) Convicted child molester exposes himself to girl near school bus stop, charges say
black suspectST. LOUIS — A St. Louis man has been charged with exposing himself to a 13-year-old girl and masturbating in front of her as she walked to her school bus stop.

Calvin Caldwell, 40, was charged Wednesday with felony sexual misconduct involving a child younger than 15.

The girl was walking to her school bus stop March 20 in the 3700 block of Gravois Avenue when she observed Caldwell in a vehicle staring at her, according to charging documents. Caldwell's pants were down with a towel covering his midsection.

The girl looked away momentarily, and when she looked at Caldwell again, the towel was removed and his genitals were exposed, charges said. He continued to stare at her while masturbating.

The girl took a photo of his vehicle including the license plate, police said. He was then found in the same vehicle and interviewed by detectives. During the interview, Caldwell admitted to masturbating in the vehicle near the school bus stop, documents say. 

Caldwell's criminal history includes convictions of burglary, child molestation, drug trafficking, illegal gun possession, assault and failure to pay child support.  He is being held in the St. Louis city jail without bail. 


    Blacks Pistol-Whip Teen Girl, Steal Safes with Over $1 Million In Life Savings In Violent Home Invasion
black suspectblack suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS/AP) — Prosecutors in Philadelphia say two men burst into a home, assaulted a teenage girl and stole two safes that held over $1 million in cash and jewelry that amounted to her restaurant-owning parents’ life savings. U.S. Attorney William McSwain announced Friday that Khaiyri Burgess and Shaquan Johnson, both 20 and of Philadelphia, face federal robbery and weapons charges.
  • VINE, America’s number one victim notification network identifies the suspects as black

  •     Philly shuts down swimming pool in black neighborhood because of gang war between black gangs

        Police: Texas Child Lived In Home With Grandma’s Corpse For 3 Years, (black) Mother Arrested
    black suspectSEGUIN, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – A mother in Texas has been arrested after she and her daughter lived in their home with the corpse of the child’s grandmother for three years, police said.

    Delissa Navonne Crayton, 47, of Seguin was charged with injury to a child by omission on Wednesday as police believe living with the body inside the two-bedroom home caused “serious mental deficiency, impairment or injury” to her daughter. Police said an investigation led authorities to Crayton’s home on Sunday, where they found the skeletal remains of her mother, Jacqueline Louise Crayton. Police believe the remains have been in the home for about three years.

    According to investigators, Jacqueline Crayton, 71, suffered some sort of fall in her bedroom in 2016 at the home where she lived with Delissa Crayton and her daughter. Investigators believe Delissa didn’t offer any kind of assistance and that Jacqueline may have died within a few days while she was on the floor.

    Police said Delissa and her daughter, who was under the age of 15, continued to live at their home while the body remained in one of the bedrooms.

        (black) Naked Negress Assaults, Injures Deputy on Her Yucca Valley Porch: Officials
    black suspectA Yucca Valley woman is accused of attacking and hurting a deputy sent to her house Friday because she was naked outside, officials said.

    The deputy responding to an indecent exposure call around 10:15 a.m. on the 56000 block of Taos Trail found 35-year-old Reve Yvette Jackson on her own porch without clothes on, San Bernardino County sheriff’s officials said in a news release.

    When the deputy made contact with the woman, Jackson began assaulting the deputy, according to authorities.
    The deputy suffered multiple contusions and lacerations on his or her face from being struck several times, the Sheriff’s Department said. Officials say the deputy was treated at a hospital and has since been released.
    Additional deputies responded and were able to subdue and detain Jackson.
    She was booked on suspicion of assault on a peace officer and aggravated battery, authorities said.

        75-year-old Female African American museum founder discovered dead in car trunk

        Man punched, robbed by (black) attacker he let into Hell’s Kitchen building
    black suspectA Hell’s Kitchen man was attacked, threatened and robbed by a stranger whom he unknowingly buzzed into his building, police said.
    The 30-year-old was inside his apartment on 49th Street near Ninth Avenue around 7 a.m. Thursday when someone unexpectedly buzzed up to his apartment, cops said later that day.
    The man let the person in and heard a knock at his apartment door minutes later.
    He opened the door and saw the stranger standing in the doorway and asking him for money, cops said.
    When the victim declined, the suspect punched him in the nose and grabbed his iPhone X.
    “If you tell the police, I will hurt you,” he said, before fleeing, according to authorities.
    The victim was treated at the scene for a cut on his nose, cops said.

        38-Year-Old (black) Man (with PAKISTANI surname) Charged In January East Germantown Homicide, Police Say
    black suspectPHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Police have arrested a 38-year-old man in connection to a January homicide in East Germantown. Ahmad Nasir, 38, of Philadelphia, was charged with murder and other related offenses for the Jan. 28 murder of a 39-year-old man. The fatal shooting took place on the 800 block of East Woodlawn Street. Nasir was arrested by Philadelphia police on July 10.

        (Black) Former New Castle County Police Recruit Arrested After Alleged Assault, Strangulation
    black suspectNEWARK, Del. (CBS) – A former New Castle County police recruit has been arrested after police say he physically assaulted and strangled a 24-year-old woman. The incident happened on the 300 block of Christina Mill Drive, around 1:43 a.m. on Sunday. The victim told police her acquaintance, 25-year-old Taylor Reynolds, physically assaulted her after an argument. The victim was transported to a local hospital where she was treated for non-life-threatening injuries. Reynolds was arrested Wednesday night and charged with assault and strangulation.
    He was set to graduate Thursday, but police say this incident has halted that process. He has been placed on administrative leave without pay pending the outcome of an internal investigation.

        'He wouldn't do that': Aunt speaks out after boyfriend's arrest in connection to toddler's death
    black suspectThe aunt of 18-month-old Cedric Jackson says her boyfriend wouldn't hurt the toddler. But police say he confessed to dumping child's body.

    DALLAS — Police continue to investigate the motive behind the death of an 18-month-old toddler.
    Cedric "CJ" Jackson Jr.'s body was found in a Rowlett landfill Thursday, one day after the toddler was reported missing.  Police say the child’s aunt, Chrystal Jackson, claimed the boy was abducted from her home in the Twin Creek Apartments. ”We don’t know 100 percent of what happened,” Jackson said prior to the arrest of her boyfriend, Sedrick Johnson, after she was told by police the toddler was dead.

    An Amber Alert for the little boy was called off early Thursday morning as police searched the landfill for the child’s body.
    Jackson, who had temporary custody of the boy, reported Cedric missing early Wednesday morning. About 24 hours later, her boyfriend was arrested and booked into the Dallas County Jail on a charge of injury to a child. 

        Victim calls (black) Madison man sentenced to 25 years in prison for human trafficking 'a monster'
    black suspect A Madison man was sentenced to 25 years in federal prison Thursday for what U.S. District Court Judge James Peterson called the “heartless crime” of sex trafficking three women and attempting to traffic another.

    Erin Graham, 41, was convicted of several counts of human trafficking after a five-day jury trial in April. Between 2015 and 2017, Graham posted advertisements on Backpage.com and forced the women to engage in sex acts with those who responded to the advertisements.

    The scheme was uncovered in April 2017 when one of the victims, Cindi, hid behind the front desk in a Madison hotel after Graham choked her. She was found by police after an employee called 911. Assistant U.S. Attorney Julie Pfluger asked that Cindi be identified only by her nickname as she works toward rebuilding her life after being trafficked by Graham for 18 months.

    Graham’s girlfriend, Patience Moore, who Graham has children with, was sentenced to three years in June for helping him with the trafficking.  In one incident, Graham slammed one of the victim’s heads into a TV, Pfluger said. In another, he choked a woman until she defecated.

        "Clever" devious sullen evil-eyed black arrested after creating fake online ad to rob victims - selling stuff not even his
    (would be victims turned out to be - just the clever negro's luck - off-duty Hernando County deputies)

    black suspectblack suspectWILDWOOD, Fla. -- The Sumter County Sheriff's Office arrested a 19-year-old who created a fake online advertisement selling two jet skis and then attempted to rob the victims who were interested in buying them.

    Sumter County deputies arrested Terrance Terrell Jones, Jr. for robbery with a firearm, aggravated assault with a firearm and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon.

    Investigators said Jones did not know the victims were off-duty deputies with the Hernando County Sheriff's Office.

    According to a sheriff's office report, the victims told the suspect they were law enforcement, but Jones refused to drop his firearm. Jones fired his weapon at the deputies and they returned fire. The suspect was hit in the leg and has minor injuries.

    "They came out, pointed a gun at us. At that point, I drew my firearm and the shooting began," said one of the victims to a dispatcher during a 911 call.

    Jones ran away from the home, but law enforcement who responded to the scene located him. The Sumter County Sheriff's Office is searching for a second suspect.

    The homeowner told investigators he never intended to sell the jet skis and he knew nothing about the online advertisement.

        HISPANIC Social media personality Ray Diaz arrested for sexual assault, police say

        "Diversity is our Strength!" - Black and Hispanic pack of home invaders meet homeowners AR-15 - 2 dead - 2 arrested
    mud suspects MARION COUNTY, Fla. - Two men are dead, two others were arrested and a homeowner was hospitalized after a deadly home invasion Wednesday night in Summerfield, according to the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

    Deputies said four men entered a home around 8:20 p.m. on Southeast 32nd Court Road.
    Shots were fired during the incident and two of the men, Keith Jackson Jr., 21, and Nigel Doyle, 22, were shot, deputies said.
    Jackson died at the home and Doyle was taken to a hospital where he died, officials said.

    Deputies said two other men, Robert Hamilton, 19, and Seth Rodriguez, 22, were located later and arrested.

    The homeowner was also shot and taken to a hospital in stable condition, deputies said.
    Detectives said the homeowner vaguely remembered one of the men from a past Craigslist transaction.

    Deputies said Hamilton and Rodriguez went to the home to rob the homeowner of marijuana and guns.
    Both men are being held at the Marion County Jail and face charges including home invasion robbery with a firearm and homicide.

      Muslim terrorist Somali forces end extremist siege of hotel where Americans, other foreigners died
    An all-night siege by extremist militants at a Somali hotel in the southern port city of Kismayo ended Saturday, but not before 26 people – including two Americans – were killed, officials said. Three Kenyans, three Tanzanians, one Briton, and a prominent Canadian Somali journalist were also killed when at least four al-Shabab assailants attacked the Asasey Hotel on Friday evening. Fifty-six people, including two Chinese, were injured in the attack, Ahmed Madobe, the president of Jubbaland regional state, told reporters.

        (white pedophile) American Gregory Dow to be charged with sexual abuse of black African girls at Kenyan orphanage he founded
    Federal prosecutors say a Pennsylvania man sexually molested four teenage girls at a Kenyan orphanage he founded with a church’s help. U.S. Attorney William McSwain announced charges on Friday against 60-year-old Gregory Dow of Lancaster, hours after he was taken into custody.
    McSwain says Dow fled Kenya in September 2017 after being accused of sexual abuse of girls at the Dow Family Children’s Home in Boito, Bomet County.

        Monster dad rapes screaming daughter, 1, and uploads footage to dark web
    AN EVIL paedophile who raped his screaming one-year-old daughter and uploaded the footage to the dark web has been jailed for 70 years. James Lockhart, 31, of Bradenton, Florida, received the maximum sentence for his abominable crimes.

    Israeli flag
    The anti-american open-borders leftish brainwashed self-styled 'Jews' getting arrested at ICE centers are just getting started

        Hundreds of brainwashed leftish open-borders sheeple Rally in Philadelphia Against Immigrant Detention Centers

        Looming ICE Raids Dividing New York Leaders, Draws Mixed Reaction From Catholic Church

        New York attorney general: State will not cooperate with Trump-ordered ICE raids
    NEW YORK – Affirmative action NEGRESS New York state Attorney General Letitia James joined the mayor of Chicago in saying that they will not cooperate with the Immigration and Customs Enforcement  raids rounding up migrant families this weekend.
    Negress Public advocate wants to blacklist firms that help build Trump’s wall - March 7, 2017

        Man accused of hurling incendiary devices at Washington ICE facility fatally shot by police

        ASIAN Florida woman accused of urinating in ice cream machine at local shop - WARNING: DISGUSTING REPORT
    INDIAN SHORES, Fla. — A St. Petersburg woman was arrested Monday and charged with tampering with food. An arrest affidavit claims she peed in an ice cream churning machine and picked her nose and stuck her fingers in ice cream containers.

    Indian Shores Police say the incidents happened at Lu Lu’s Ice Cream shop at 19823 Gulf Blvd. in Indian Shores.

    According to arrest documents, Jung Soon Wypcha, who police officers say owns the adjoining Indian Shores Food Mart business next to the ice cream shop, was seen on video using the shared bathroom with the door open five different times in the month of June.

    Arrest reports say she did not wash her hands after using the restroom. In at least one of those bathroom breaks, she walked over to a freezer containing cartons of ice cream and shoved her hands into the ice cream containers. On another occasion, cameras captured her picking her nose and sticking her hands in the ice cream. Wypcha was also seen on surveillance video spitting into the ice cream containers.

    On a final occasion, Wypcha allegedly used the ice cream churning machine as a makeshift toilet then emptied her urine in a sink used to rinse out ice cream equipment and bowls.


    12 July 2019

        (SOULLESS DEPRAVED BLACK BEAST) Oklahoma teen gets life without parole for murder of (White) man,  rape
    black suspectWhite victimAn Oklahoma teenager has been sentenced to life in prison without the chance of parole for fatally shooting a teacher, plus 290 years for raping an 81-year-old woman and other crimes.

    Tulsa County District Judge Kelly Greenough sentenced Deonte Green, 18, on Wednesday. Green entered guilty pleas in March to first-degree murder, 18 other felonies and one misdemeanor.

    Prosecutors said Green was 16 on October 1, 2017 when, over the course of one day, he fatally shot Broken Arrow Public Schools teacher Shane Anderson at his home, raped the woman and committed a series of armed robberies. But his contact with police stretches back to when he was just 11.

    "This is not a single bad day," Assistant District Attorney Kevin Gray said. "Deonte Green has worked up to this for years. For somebody that age to have this kind of criminal history is staggering."

    Green's attorney read a letter in court in which the teen stated he was "not a monster," instead describing himself as a "misunderstood boy."

    In her sentencing, Greenough found the teen "irreparably corrupt and permanently incorrigible," which is a standard for imposing life without parole on a defendant who was a juvenile when the crime took place.

    "I'm grateful the judge's sentence reflected (Green's) character, his crimes, his inability to live within the boundaries of society," Darcie Anderson, Anderson's widow, said after the decision. "But in the end, nothing's going to bring my husband back. So while I'm glad that justice was served in his case, I would trade anything to have my husband back."

    As part of his plea, Green acknowledged stealing a vehicle from an elderly couple on Sept. 30, 2017, then robbing a second elderly man and woman the subsequent day. He forced the couple to drive him to an ATM to withdraw money and eventually robbed another ATM customer who tried to help with the transaction. He admitted to later raping the elderly woman at her home. Green went from that home to the Andersons' home. He held Darcie Anderson at gunpoint in the garage, demanding money, before killing her husband in their living room, according to her victim impact statement.

    Green's stepfather, Mario Brown, said the sentence was too severe.
    "Deonte is a nice kid. They make him out to be a monster," Brown said.

    But Gray, the prosecutor, said Green's conduct just got worse and worse, and that he showed no genuine remorse.
    "In a rare situation like this particular situation, justice, I believe, demanded that he stay off the streets forever," he said.
    - (Black-on-white)

        Two (violent black criminals) arrested after (White) victim killed in Saturday home invasion
    black suspectWhite victimLUBBOCK, Texas - Two suspects have been arrested and charged in a home invasion Saturday night that left a man dead.

    Police report Kyi Baker, 20, and a 14-year-old male are accused of murdering Robert Dendy, 49.

    Police responded to reports of two men trying to break into a home near Auburn Street and North Toledo Ave.  Dendy confronted the suspects in an alley and pointed a gun at them and told them to freeze, according to a police report. Investigators report Dendy was shot in the chest by the 14-year-old. Dendy was taken to UMC where he later died.

    LPD patrol officers were able to quickly identify the suspects. By 10:30 p.m., less than two hours after the original call, officers located Baker and the 14-year-old at an apartment complex near 11th street and Bangor Ave. By 6 a.m. Sunday, both Baker and the juvenile were charged with murder. Investigators report the two suspects specifically targeted the home they were breaking into. Baker told police he and the juvenile were trying to steal a safe that they suspected contained drugs, money and an AR-15 rifle. Baker is held on a $100,000 bond.  - (Black-on-white)

        (black) Man charged in SE Portland hit-and-run crash that killed (two White) sisters appears in court
    black suspectblack suspectWhite victims PORTLAND, OR (KPTV) - The man accused of killing two sisters in a hit-and-run crash in southeast Portland made his first appearance in a Multnomah County courtroom Wednesday afternoon.

    Antonio Montgomery, 20, is facing five charges including two counts of manslaughter in the deaths of 60-year-old Charlene Hauth and her sister, 59-year-old Robin Macready.

    The two sisters were in the same car Monday when investigators say Montgomery blew through a red light at Southeast 148th and Powell, hitting them.

    Hauth died at the scene and Macready passed away at the hospital.

    Police say Montgomery ran off and was later found hiding in the backyard of a nearby home.

    Investigators say all of that was after Montgomery caused a separate hit-and-run crash a few minutes earlier near SE 162nd and Powell.

    Witnesses told police Montgomery was driving between 50 and 80 miles per hour down Powell when he was involved in the two crashes.

    After leaving the scene of the deadly crash, police say a homeowner found Montgomery hiding in their shower. They told officers he offered them money in exchange for their car, but when they said no, he kept running.

    Another homeowner said Montgomery showed up at his patio door asking if he could come in, then jumped in the backyard pool to hide. That’s where he was ultimately arrested.

    We’ve learned he already had a warrant out for his arrest in Clackamas County for driving while suspended and was just convicted in April for attempting to elude. Cocaine charges were dropped in that case as part of a plea deal.

    Police say Montgomery was also one of the so-called “Track Suit Bandits” arrested last year after a string of armed robberies. In that case, he plead guilty to lesser charges of unlawful possession of a weapon.

    Meanwhile, Brian Hauth, the son of Charlene Hauth and nephew of Robin Macready, told FOX 12:

    “I want the community to know the damage this man caused and the goodness he erased from this world. I want the people, especially the judicial system, to be forced to do their job this time by being under the watchful eye of as many citizens as we can muster. I and my family need this man to not get out anytime soon like he did for his last charges. We need no more innocent people dead.”

    The family of the victims will be holding a candlelight vigil at the scene of the crash at SE 148th and Powell Thursday at 8:30 p.m. The public is welcome to attend. - (Black-on-white)

    11 July 2019

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